February 4, 2023


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Bob Dylan admits to cheating and apologizes to fans

Bob Dylan admits to cheating and apologizes to fans

Last week, NTB was able to write that Bob Dylan fans were upset because the “handwritten” copy of Dylan’s latest book, “Modern Song Philosophy”, which cost 6,000 kronor, was not handwritten.

The book will deal with songwriting and has received good reviews from the press.

Use a pen

When fans compare the signatures in the book, they are found to match, and it is then revealed that Dylan has used what is called an auto-opener.

It is a signature machine that transcribes and clones the signature. In autograph-collecting circles, these autographs are considered worthless as collectors’ items. However, each book was accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the publishing director stating that it was “hand signed by Bob Dylan”.

to me diverse Of the 900, only 17 different Dylan signatures have been identified.

Publisher Simon & Schuster was quick to apologise, stating that “it turned out that the books contained Bob’s original signature, but in an exact copy.”

Then it became known that buyers get their money back – and get to keep the book.

Suffering from vertigo

At the end of the week, Dylan covered the magazine and commented on the situation.

In a Facebook post, the rock legend explained that since 2019 he has been suffering from vertigo, which is why he hasn’t hand signed all 900 books.

He also blamed the pandemic for making it more difficult to enforce.

– It takes a crew of five to work closely together to help with these autograph sessions, and we couldn’t find a safe and feasible way to complete what I needed to do during this outbreak. Dylan explains that during the pandemic it was impossible to sign anything, and the dizziness didn’t help.

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As contract deadlines approached, the idea of ​​a ballpoint pen was proposed, Dylan writes, with promises that this sort of thing happens “all the time” in the art and literary worlds.

– Using a machine was bad judgment and I want to correct that immediately. I’m working with Simon & Schuster and my gallery partners to do just that.

Dylan ended the post with, “With great regret.”