Bodo/Glimt, League Conference | Glimt’s morning training draws attention before settling back:

Bodo/Glimt, League Conference |  Glimt's morning training draws attention before settling back:

Alkmaar (Nettavizen): Kjetil Knutsen and his crew arrived in the Netherlands on Tuesday night after a short training camp in the Spanish city of Alicante.

The return match against AZ Alkmaar in the European Conference League will be held under the floodlights on Thursday evening, and the teams participating in the European club championships will return to postponing training in the match area for about 24 hours before the start of the match.

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However, Glimt chose to get his training a day and a half before Thursday’s fight, and took a walk on the natural grass in Alkmaar at 11.00 on Wednesday morning in the brilliant sun.

Dutch newspaper Nordholland Dagblad He noted that Bodo/Glimt, as the only contender for the Arizona Conference League team, did not choose to train in the evening, and that the Dutch journalist was concerned about the election during Knutsen’s press conference.

I think you are the first team to train in the morning before a European Cup match. why are you doing that?

– Because we always train in the morning otherwise. This is our normal routine, so we think it’s the best way to do it, says Knutsen.

– So you don’t want to see the floodlights and the hall in the evening before the match?

– No, the only thing I want to see is the ring itself. The most important thing for us is to be in our normal cycle.

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– enjoy it

In keeping with Bodø/Glimt’s sporting philosophy of standing by their game idea “until the Dovre falls,” they also don’t deviate from the usual routine when it comes to training and recovery time.

Choice also appears to be rooted in the pool of players, if we are to believe Ola Solbakken.

I don’t run much in training the day before the match, so it’s best for me to train as far as possible from the start of the match. So I’m enjoying training as soon as possible, says the winger to Netavizen with a smile around his mouth.

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He and teammate Ulrik Saltnis meet Nettavisen outside the Dutch city’s Bodø/Glimt Players Hotel, ahead of what could be another huge night of jubilation for everyone at the club from Aspmyra.

On the other hand, Saltens did not sacrifice training time before matches in Europe.

– If we had trained in the evening, it would have been fine. But we love routine, and the more common things we can do before and during a match, the better we think they are, he told Netavizhen.

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He reveals: – People were not happy

The midfielder saw Solbakken win the match when Glimt won 2-1 at Espmera, and both will also be key players in the second leg.

The extra-time penalty ensured the yellow-haired Bodø had a great starting point before settling at the AFAS Arena, but despite Solbakken and his teammates approaching a historic quarter-final in Europe, the players after the game at Aspmyra were worried they had plenty to go. in the attack.

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Now Solbakken reveals that the atmosphere in the locker room after the match at home has not witnessed a team that had just beaten one of the big teams in the Netherlands.

– There was no music in the dressing room after the match, and there was an atmosphere from the middle of the road. People weren’t entirely happy, which isn’t just something to say. It’s pretty consistent that we care about achievement, and we’re so strong as a group that everyone is going in the same direction, he says.

It bears witness to the performance culture that was built under the direction of Kjetil Knutsen.

– It wasn’t that great atmosphere. After an off-season victory over one of the biggest teams in the Netherlands, the ‘high heels’ may have been meant, but it was very quiet.

The Saltins also says the team was unhappy with what it did in the first game, and anticipates the next picture of the game against a team from Arizona that should be chasing goals at home.

– I think it would be almost the same battle scene as in Aspmyra, where I waved a little. There are two teams that often press really hard and often play from behind, so I think we’ll see a lot of the same. He concludes that they will then try to take advantage of the momentum and energy from the audience and be at home, while we’ll try to deconstruct that momentum.

The online newspaper is in Alkmaar, giving you everything from the drama of the quarter-finals!

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