C3 training visit. A room to approach scientific culture

C3 training visit.  A room to approach scientific culture

The C3 Science Cultural Center opens registration for schools from the fifth to seventh grade at the primary school level, and every year at the secondary, secondary and university levels to participate and live the experience of educational visits 2022, a dialogue room for exploration and an approach to scientific culture accompanied by co-pilots and co-pilots. From March 15, educational institutions can book visiting hours on the website.

Referral visits
During the two-hour visit, school groups and teachers engage in fun activities that connect science to everyday life, as they share doubts and new questions are raised. The ways to tell and understand science are embodied in games and activities specifically designed to stimulate cognition, emotion, and cognition, returning to the classroom with a different perspective. The visit consists of two moments:

Coordinated activity around a topic of your choice
– Educational visit to El Tiempo . room
It addresses some dimensions of time, including the way we feel in our bodies, the history of the machines designed to measure it, and even how we can play with it. Recommended for all levels of education.

An educational visit to the information room
The goal of this space is to achieve an approach to communication and information theory, which will reflect on its impact on our daily lives. Recommended for elementary school level.

An educational visit to the Eleazar’s room
Discover the properties of chance while suggesting great exercises for calculating the weight of a motorcycle, making music with dice to the rhythm of Mozart and the way the coin should land. Recommended for upper secondary school or higher.

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– An educational visit that illustrates the ocean. Turn blue and zoom in to the ocean
Ocean. Turning Blue is an interactive exhibit about the relationship between the sea and everyday life. A space to reflect on the environment and transform our thinking and actions. The tour was completed in the lab where they started with a magnifying glass, microscope and lots of material. Recommended for elementary school level.

2. Free seat tour C3
-Ocean. Turn Blue (ground floor and second floor)
– Doubt room (3rd and 4th floor)
Sea Zoom (4th floor)
Science Park

C3 and its commitment to education
For the educational policy implemented by C3, school groups are active, constructive and creative communities that generate their own opinions on their access to scientific culture. Groups are received by pilots, co-pilots (pilots) and university students from different universities and scientific disciplines. For two years, these students participate in a training and educational program that builds its role through the public communication tools of science and museum education. Teaching teams, on the other hand, enrich with their contributions the educational proposals of C3 designed with the intent of providing innovative materials for science teaching.

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