Corona news | Recommend to use the face mask again

Corona news |  Recommend to use the face mask again

The municipality of Trondheim and Chief Municipal Doctor Tove Rosstad in Trondheim recommend that the dressings be used again in situations in public places where they cannot be separated by at least one meter.

– This is especially true on buses or other public transportation where you have been sitting or standing near each other for some time, Tov Rosstad said in a press release Tuesday morning.

The mayor states again that good hand hygiene and distance between others are also important contributions to preventing the spread of infection.

At the same time, the mayor wrote in a note to the presidency that the situation is not currently seen as so serious that there is a basis for putting in place restrictions in the form of local regulations.

In Trondheim, the infection has recently increased.

491 cases were detected last week. 16.34 percent of those tested were diagnosed with the infection.

«Most infected people know who they are. The home remains the most important arena of infection, but the school has also become an important arena of infection in recent weeks. About 20% have an unknown source of infection, so there is also an unknown community spread infection“The mayor writes in a memorandum to the Presidency of the Republic.

The mayor further wrote that the community is better equipped to withstand higher infection pressures than before due to higher vaccination coverage.

«We see that there is a relatively high number of treatments at St. Olaf’s Hospital. We have asked, but have yet to receive any feedback on how much the current situation is overburdening the hospital. However, we are aware that both unvaccinated and vaccinated people are hospitalized, and with infection rates rising as we saw last week, there is a real risk of increased hospitalizations in the coming weeks which could put severe stress on the hospital with consequences for patient populations. other.’,” writes the mayor.

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Face masks are now recommended in the neighboring municipality of Trondheim, Malvik. The municipality of Malvik writes in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

Over the weekend, 196 people with coronary heart disease were registered in Trondheim municipality. On Monday, 13 patients with coronary heart disease were taken to St. Olaf’s Hospital in Trondheim. The number dropped to seven again on Tuesday morning.

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