Bodo / Glimt’s new achievement – Mourinho shook in Rome

Bodo / Glimt's new achievement - Mourinho shook in Rome

Roma – Bodo / Glimt 2-2

– It wasn’t hurray. Of course it will be a little awkward when you step forward to check it out, Eric Bothem tells TV2 about the atmosphere in the locker room after the great performance in Rome.

But the 21-year-old must confirm:

Performance in general, we are very happy.

Two weeks after Bodo/Glimt shocked European football and beat AS Roma 6-1 in Aspmera, it’s time for a new battle against Jose Mourinho’s staff in the Italian capital.

– Don’t say we played with Team B, but…

It was the first time the Portuguese star had conceded six goals in a match as a coach. The former coach of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea made seven changes, and stood with a long strong squad.

The 1600 bodøværinger made the journey to the Eternal City, recharging the city streets before settling at Stadio Olimpico.

They have a very special experience in the store.

Scores from Ola Solbakken and Erik Botheim sent Glimt to the lead twice. Roma fought back both times so the score was 2-2 in the capital.

– I feel now that there are two losing points. It’s a little awkward, but in terms of performance it’s pretty good. We are absolutely on par with them,” Ola Solbakken tells Viaplay.

– I’m not disappointed at all. “We came to the Colosseum, we’re not used to playing in these places,” Kjetil Knutsen says in the post-match press conference.

Jose Mourinho was angry after the match, But at least he preferred to meet Glimt in a family place.

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Mourinho wanted to prevent the interpreter from translating

– I would have loved to meet Bodo / Glimt at home, Mourinho said at the press conference. He was his interpreter.

There is no video refereeing in the Conference League, but the 2-2 goal for Roma may have been scrapped with the use of VAR.

– It was an offside, Knutsen believes.

He took the time to show off the delegation with the supporters who had flown in from Bodo.

– Too extreme. Just get out of the field and try the Glimt bend. It was great what we experienced at Aspmyra, but you can equate that. Knutsen tells TV 2 about the experience supporters had that they might remember for a while.

Manager: Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetel Knutsen was grateful for the support the team received in Rome. Photo: Alberto Lingria

– great result

A draw in Rome is a great result for Bodo / Glimt. Now they have good chances of winning the group, says TV 2 expert, Jesper Mathisen.

In the second match, Zorya Luhansk beat CSKA Sofia 2-0. Thus, Glimt has one point for Rome and one point for Zorya.

He got excited for the league leaders in the Elite Series.

“The way they play football no matter who they meet is incredibly impressive, and it’s very interesting to see Kjetil Knutsen’s team perform at such a level,” he adds.

This week has been quite a bit for Ola Solbakken. Earlier this week, he was knocked out for the national team for the first time, before sending Glimt into the lead with a beautiful goal.

The scoring is excellent, and the national team manager is of the opinion that Bodø/Glimt winger is a player he could use in the national matches now being played in November, so he deservedly been left out.

After winning the league gold medal last season, Jens Peter Heug, Philip Zinkernagel and Kasper Juncker all disappeared from the gates of Aspmyra Stadium. Mathiesen believes that the two goalscorers in Rome took it upon themselves to replace last year’s trio of Brafora.

– That Solbakken’s performance must be at this level, no one believed him before the season, and the same applies to Botheim’s highest score. Everyone thought Kasper Juncker would be missing out on the Bodo/Glimt, but no one will miss the Danish Bodo in 2021!

Mourinho was also influenced by Solbakken.

Mourinho said through his interpreter at the press conference that Solbakken played much better than Ibanez (the goal scorer).

TRIBUNE LIFE: About 1,600 shopkeepers went on the trip to Rome's Stadio Olimpico.  Photo: Marco Iacobucci/Iba

TRIBUNE LIFE: About 1,600 shopkeepers went on the trip to Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. Photo: Marco Iacobucci/Iba

lying in the stars

After the embarrassing loss in Northern Norway, Jose Mourinho opted to make seven changes to the settlement at Stadio Olimpico. Well-known names such as Roy Patricio, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Tammy Abraham have all been involved from the start in trying to discipline Kjetil Knutsen’s crew.

The good news for Glimt was the return of Frederic Bjorkan, while the insecure Patrick Berg managed to be on the bench, but was not quite ready to play. Ulrich Saltens was also injured by Glimt.

Bodo/Glimt shot straight down the home team’s throat, and was close to goal after just three minutes. Amahl Pellegrino has advanced many players and is placed on the death streak. Eric Bothem was a little surprised by Roy Patricio.

After that, Roma took over, and in a short time, the home team had three great opportunities to take the lead. First on finishing Tammy Abraham from 20 metres, then a block that prevented Stephan El Shaarawy, before the same man once again got a great opportunity in the next corner.

In the rest of the inning, Roma continued to draw, but defended well. Vigilant Nikita Heiken prevented many potential opportunities.

To have a break in management

But Glimt is in a flux, and just before the break, he zips right into the far turn.

Elias Hagen fired the ball at national team player Ola Solbakken, who shot the ball into the corner removable from the first touch. Scoring score for the attacking player!

Thus, the teams entered the first half with a score of 0-1, and the fans of the team rushed to Roma outside the stadium.

– We have to play our own game. We just have to keep going and not hide. Then it’s good. We have to dare to play and shit at the score,” Eric Bothem told Viaplay during the break.

– I’ll give the fans a score in the second half.

Mourinho on TV 2: – We were afraid of the shameful path


Then Mourinho had to make a move, and he made two substitutions. He could quickly give an early comeback, when one of the posts hit Brady Mo’s arm. However, the referee was not affected and booked him for diving.

But after 53 minutes, Bodo/Glimt had to give up. Stephan El Shaarawy got a chance to turn things around. Thus, the teams were equal again.

That didn’t make Glimt dig for himself. Alphonse Sampstead found Eric Bothem completely unmarked at the Stadio Roma, and he was able to nod Bodo/Glimt in the lead once again.

Thus, he did what he promised during the rest period.

Losing his ground against Bodou/Glimt is something that Jose Mourinho has a hard time accepting. Roma took control of the match, and were incredibly close to the new equalizer. First, Marius Laud saved a big chance, before a header from Gianluca Mancini hit the crossbar.

Six minutes before the end, the Italians got their paycheck, and the ball curled into the net just above the goal line from Roger Ibanez.

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