Bodo, Tik Tok | Bodø municipality says no to Tiktok and Telegram

Bodo, Tik Tok |  Bodø municipality says no to Tiktok and Telegram

This mainly applies to TikTok and Telegram.

After considering the recommendations issued by the National Security Service (NSM) in a letter dated March 20, 2023, Bodø Municipality, through the Municipal Administrator, decided the following:

– For the senior management of the municipality, the political administration and the personnel who deal with information that falls within the security law, a sharp distinction is imposed between the service unit and the special unit. For the server, any applications that have not been approved after a separate ROS evaluation should not be installed. TikTok and Telegram must not be installed on service devices. For other applications in the server, a new evaluation from NSM is pending.

This is why more people are blocking TikTok and Telegram

For other staff, advice is given on what rights to grant to applications installed on service devices as well as general advice on the safe use of mobile devices in work and private contexts. There is currently no ban on the use of specific apps/social media.

It is clear that these are preliminary measures and it is expected that the new advice from the NSM will go in a stricter direction, which will require additional measures for Bodø Municipality.

The new procedures have been discussed with the main store hosts.

As Salten’s first municipality, Hamarøy advised against controversial applications on March 30. The next day, Meløy Municipality followed suit, instructing its employees to delete the apps.

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