Bradley Cooper's new interview has the Internet boiling over

Bradley Cooper's new interview has the Internet boiling over

Actor Bradley Cooper (49) was recently in the news with the movie “Maestro,” in which he plays legendary orchestra conductor Leonard Bernstein.

Both Cooper and the film received mixed reviews, and among other things were accused of anti-Semitism.

New flame at record speed

The interest seems to be endless, and now an interview with Cooper regarding the film has gone viral.

In an interview with CBS He makes Cooper cry while talking about Bernstein.

– It's hard to talk about. We shared something special. It's hard to put into words, but he was with me through the whole process, says the 49-year-old.

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Afterwards, Cooper looks visibly upset with tears in his eyes.

– I really feel like I know him.

Bernstein's children were also present during the interview, and many described Cooper's behavior as disrespectful.

The 49-year-old has never met the bandleader, who died in 1990.

Not inviting the groom to the wedding

Not inviting the groom to the wedding

“It's actually a sick thing to say. And in front of his kids — it's crazy,” one person wrote on X.

“Saying you share something special with a man you've never met is sick. I'll start by saying that about all the celebrities I love,” another wrote.

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Others write that Cooper lacks self-awareness.

“This hurts to see. It's hard to miss someone you've never met before. How embarrassing.”

The actor has not yet commented on the criticism.

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