Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus has died at the age of 35

Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus has died at the age of 35

Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus has died at the age of 35. Her daughter, Ana Clara, confirmed the death on Instagram, as reported by several foreign media outlets, including… H! News.

– Complete nonsense

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beautiful mother. We appreciate all the prayers and condolences. Continue to pray for us. Thank you.”

The cause of death has not yet been known.

The influencer is survived by four children and her husband, George Cusick, whom she married in September.

The husband wrote about his wife's death on Facebook the people.

“All of my friends and my wife are like family. Their beautiful, kind words and inspiring prayers have given me a kind of peace I've never felt before. My wife has loved me through God, which has impacted our life together. I will never forget what God has given me, my wife, and her beautiful children,” she said. Kozik wrote in a post.

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De Jesus was born in Brazil, but lived in Boston, Massachusetts. She became famous after undergoing bariatric surgery in October 2017, a journey she chose to share with her 64,000 Instagram followers.

The following year, she underwent another surgery, a tummy tuck. The influencer candidly shared with her followers that she lost 68 kilograms over four years.

Share private details about marriage

Share private details about marriage

In November, she updated on her health as she posted a before-and-after photo of her progress.

“There is a gap of 13 years between the photos… It has been six years since I made the decision that changed my life in so many ways. On the one hand Mila is 22 and on the other hand Mila is 35. Think about how much we have changed, how much we have grown, And how do we learn? “Pride Girl Pride,” she wrote.

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