Broker’s dream summer job – Broker Karmøy is now cashing in on it

Broker’s dream summer job – Broker Karmøy is now cashing in on it

All roads lead to Rome. This was also the case with Stein Gunnar Døsen. Straight out of high school, his plan was clear — he was going to become a real estate agent. It didn’t quite work out that way, however, and a summer job as a tiler at Koperviksbuen put off a medium’s dream.

– At first it was a summer job, but suddenly I stayed there for four years. I bought myself an apartment, and with housing and work I felt somewhat locked. But one day I decided I really wanted to be a medium, and I moved to Stavanger to go to school, says Døsen.

He didn’t stay there a day long, because the connection with Carmy was great. The day after handing in the last test, he packed his bag and headed back to the island where a job as a moderator was already waiting for him.

– For me, it’s Karmøy that counts, and I knew the whole time I’d be back, smiles Stein Gunnar.

– I was there because I wanted to be there and I knew
That this is what I wanted. The goal was to reach
Learn as much as possible and get to work.

For Dawson, it was always clear that he was going to become a medium. There was only one detour and two on the way.

different motive

The years he spent in the business, before Døsen set out to train psychics, gave him good experiences. Experiences gained in his job as a moderator at Meglerhuset Rele.

– The more you can, the higher the advantage. There are a lot of people who don’t know anything about a house when they leave real estate school, because you don’t know anything about it there – after all, we have appraisers. It never hurts to know yourself a little, says Karmøy broker, who has two years on the electric line and four years as a tile behind him.

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He sees the fact that he was older than many of his fellow students as an asset. While others were supposed to enjoy student life, Døsen’s entire focus was on his studies, before he had to return to Karmøy again.

– I was there because I wanted to be there, and I knew that was what I wanted. The goal was to arrive and learn as much as possible and get down to business, he says and separates: – I’m glad I was older when I started, because maybe it’s not easy to gain a client’s trust when you come when you’re fresh out you’re 21 and you’re going to sell the house to the family, father says family.

More than just selling homes

He now has 7 years behind him as a broker in Karmøy, plus three years at a brokerage firm in Stavanger alongside his studies.

Taking on a sales job is highly respected.

Selling a home is much bigger than we Realtors think we are, because we are so used to it. But you can actually help people with some of the most important things they need to do, and that’s rewarding, he insists.

Raw and expensive, or “casual” and affordable. She has nothing to say to this carpentry broker.

It might be nice to have a private property for sale, but the ordinary houses we live in are. These are the things most people should own, and they are the things people should sell the most. So I don’t care if it’s an expensive or cheap house, he says.

The most important thing is to look at each case individually.

A good follow-up is Alpha and Omega. Some want to be involved in the process from start to finish, some don’t. I don’t do the same thing every time, but I adapt to each client, Døsen shares and continues: – Many people probably think that computers can replace us intermediaries, but I think people need good, adapted advice.

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– It would be nice to have one of your own
Properties for sale, but they are the usual homes
we live. They are the most people should have, and that
It is the one most people will sell to.

Døsen is in place in his new office in the center of Bygnes Centre.

– I don’t drive over a bridge if I don’t have to

Døsen grew up in Kopervik, has relatives in both kra and Skudeneshavn, and is well known in Sør Karmoy. His interest in golf and his position at the local golf club in Torvastad also made him well known in Nord-Karmøy. It has proven useful in business contexts many times.

– It is certainly a great value in many ways. I know all the little things – where are the shortcuts, the store, the school. In addition, I often know people who come to watch and who fish at all times. You have a much better control of the market than a broker driving from Haugesund. So I think this is a bit of an understatement – to choose a well known broker.

For Karmøy, it’s the place, whether at work or at home.

“I think we have everything we need here, and I don’t drive across the bridge if I don’t have to,” he says with a laugh.

It is local knowledge, professional experience and Karmøy’s joy that makes Meglerhuset Rele proud to have brought Døsen to the team.

– Karmøymegler’s combination of high local knowledge, an experienced real estate agent with hundreds of sales and a good reputation built up over many years. We are thrilled that Stein Gunnar has chosen to start at Meglerhuset Rele, his qualities mean he will also become owner at Meglerhuset Rele, and pays tribute to Managing Director Christoffer Frøyland

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And for those thinking of selling? Then the carpentry broker has one thing to say;

– There is now quite a bit for sale which means if you are thinking of selling it might be a good idea to start as there is less competition now. What goes on sale is usually pretty good. So I hope people don’t wait to sell because they think it’s going to be great in the spring, because it’s good now, as it wraps up.

Brokerage house Rele accounted for 8% of sales in Karmøy in 2019, in 2020 we opened a new office in Bygnes and at the end of 2022 we accounted for 22% of sales in Karmøy. There has been impressive growth since 2020 and we have another goal of becoming the clear preferred brokerage office in Karmøy.

Contact us at Meglerhuset Rele:

Stein Gunnar Dawsonthe real estate agent MNEF 40 47 38 07 / [email protected]

Olaf Lovasthe real estate agent MNEF 90 27 27 10 / [email protected]

Christopher FroelandGeneral Manager / Real Estate Agent MNEF 92 67 83 13 / [email protected]

Roger FroelandOffice Manager 93 06 27 76 / [email protected]

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