Bruce Springsteen brings the E Street Band to Bergen and Deccan on July 21. 45,000 tickets were issued.

Bruce Springsteen brings the E Street Band to Bergen and Deccan on July 21.  45,000 tickets were issued.

Bruce Springsteen brings the E Street Band to Bergen and Deccan on July 21. 45,000 tickets were issued.

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This will be the 74-year-old’s only concert in Norway in 2024.

It was cancelled

In the summer of 2022, Godshavnen på Dokken was scheduled to be the scene of the biggest concert in Bergen’s history.

– I had thought about Dokken for several years, but always thought it was impossible to achieve, Frank Ness said on BT’s Bergen Live in November the previous year.

The cargo port at Dokken will be evacuated to make way for 45,000 spectators and stars from the USA.

The Port of Bergen then gave its approval to transport the containers and convert the dock area into a temporary concert arena with a capacity of 45,000 spectators.

But the artist in question’s tour was canceled – and Dokken’s adventure had to be put on hold.

So far.

– We were ready

In September, just days after turning 74, Bruce Springsteen canceled his fall tour of the United States and Canada due to stomach problems. All dates have been moved to 2024, starting in Phoenix on March 19.

Here Bruce Springsteen stands in the crowd in Koengen, July 24.  2012.

But there has long been an opening on the touring schedule for May-August, and now it’s finally clear: Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band will return to Europe this summer for 22 concerts.

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That's how you think about next year's Dokken concert arena.

The only stop, on 21 July, is Bergen and Dücken – twelve years after Bergenhus Castle, Köngen, was filled twice with a total of 46,000 people.

– We have been ready since 2021. The Port of Bergen has been very positive throughout and is a very good partner, says Frank Ness.

Depending on the dock

As BT previously wrote, Kongen in 2023 is very young for artists in Springsteen’s class. Pier Per is so far the only alternative in Bergen.

Frank Ness, director of Bergen Live, is pictured in the port of Bergen, with Dokken at the back left in November 2021. All parties then expressed hope that the concert could be held in the summer of 2022.

– Other major Norwegian cities have larger squares to offer than Koengen. So we have gradually fallen behind. The berth allows us to compete against the biggest artists who have Norway on the tour schedule,” says Ness.

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Glory Days – Two days in June 2009

Springsteen has performed four concerts at Koengen previously, in 2009 and 2012. All with Bergen Live as co-organizers in a duo with Live Nation.

-These concerts were some of our highlights so far. Ness says the artist crew knows what they are doing and is very tidy and proper.

1400 NOK for the most expensive

Pre-sale starts in Bergen on November 2. The regular sale begins four days later, on November 6.

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When Springsteen played two concerts at Földsloka in Oslo this summer, 100,000 tickets sold out in minutes. In Bergen, the capacity is 45,000 tickets.

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For many years he lived an anonymous life in Sandviken. Until the news spread.

Max Weinberg, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt in Koengen on July 23, 2012. Two 23,000-person concerts sold out quickly.

Regular places will cost around 1000 NOK. A limited number of “Front Floor” tickets are also being issued at approximately NOK 1,550.

– Ticket prices are actually lower than they were in 2009, considering the dollar exchange rate and inflation. But hiring American artists is not cheap when the value of the krone is so weak, Ness says.

And if you’re wondering: Yes, it was Springsteen who, according to BT, was supposed to play at the canceled concert at the Dokken in 2022.


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