Bulgaria: – The hotel owner made a shocking discovery

Bulgaria: – The hotel owner made a shocking discovery

Tyulinovo is located on the Black Sea coast, about 70 kilometers south of the border with Romania. On the other side of the Black Sea is the Krim Peninsula, which Russia has annexed since 2014 and where Ukraine has carried out a number of drone attacks.

The newspaper reported that a local hotel owner discovered the drone loaded with explosives on Sunday, as he spotted it between some rocks on the seashore. HLN.

FOUND IN SPRING: A local hotel owner reportedly discovered the drone at the seaside on Sunday. Photo: Bulgarian Ministry of Defense/AFP/NTB
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A safety zone 150 meters deep has been designated, and people in the vicinity have been warned not to get too close to the barriers, the Bulgarian newspaper wrote. nova.bg.

On Monday afternoon, a special team searched the drone, finding a grenade launcher containing 82 mm explosives attached to the drone.

The explosives were destroyed immediately.

Drone attacks: On September 14, a Russian Vasily Bykov-class patrol ship was allegedly attacked by Ukrainian suicide drones in the Black Sea. Reporter: Jostein Sletten/Dagbladet TV
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It is not known whether the drone fell from the air or washed ashore, according to Reuters.

– We can assume that this is related to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev said: This war is inevitably linked to increased risks to our security.

Bulgaria is not the only NATO country that may have recently discovered that war materials have ended up on the wrong side of its border.

Last week, the remains of what is believed to be a drone were found in Romania, after a Russian attack on nearby Ukrainian regions.

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