Food for the trip: – Race for this:

Food for the trip: – Race for this:

Vegetarian Juanita Headley of London is not satisfied with the meal she served on a KLM flight from Accra, Ghana, to London recently, according to news agency Jam Press.

A hot meal was included in the price, but when Headley got on the plane and embarked on the six-hour flight, she was reportedly presented with pineapple chunks, clementines, and a handful of nuts.

A few hours later, you should have eaten a vegan cold wrap, a banana – and again a handful of nuts.

Freya Tapi: – Guvent

Thunder’s words: – Unacceptable

Juanita Headley is ruthless with airline KLM and calls the stupid meal a “joke.”

– Excuse me, but that’s not enough food on an international flight. Thank goodness I don’t have a nut allergy, because then I’d end up eating only fruit, she told Jam Press.

Now you think the airline industry should step up:

On Tour: Juanita Headley succeeds, but is not satisfied.  Photo: Jam Press

On Tour: Juanita Headley succeeds, but is not satisfied. Photo: Jam Press
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“Nowadays, it’s not entirely new for someone to be a vegetarian, and so it’s unacceptable that a six-hour flight shouldn’t have any extra meals for such situations,” Headley says.

At the very least, a vegetarian meal should be vegetarian, suggests the London woman.

– It will make life much easier for both cabin crew and passengers.

sensitive: The cabin crew found this in the food on the plane during a flight from Ankara to Dusseldorf. Video: Twitter. Images: NTB and screenshot. Correspondent: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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The airline apologizes

Headley shared a post on Facebook about the disappointing experience, and unsurprisingly, backlash poured in.

“In 2023, this is simply outrageous,” reads one comment.

Another wrote: “KLM isn’t exactly the cheapest airline, so this is shocking.”

I just got this (!)

I just got this (!)

But there are also those who think Headley has nothing to complain about:

One commented, “Why can’t people just bring their own food?”

Another writes: “I think you survived the six hours.”

Several dramatic videos show the chaos on a Lufthansa flight en route to Germany. Reporter: Justin Slaten. Video: AP/Instagram/camilamcconaughey
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KLM is totally lying down after what happened:

– Due to an unforeseen situation, the vegetarian meal was not available to the passenger on this flight. We regret this happened and apologize, the airline says in a statement.

According to the KLM website, all passengers on international flights are offered a hot meal of their choice, a large salad, and dessert.

It also states that vegetarian options should always be available.

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