Buses at Crossroads – Greater Oslo

Buses at Crossroads – Greater Oslo

Smooth roads lead to the full or partial cancellation of several bus departures in Oslo and Akershus on Wednesday.

Rutter said earlier Wednesday that public transit will mostly run as normal, but that may not be the case.

– In Oslo and Akershus the roads are very slippery. This creates challenges for some of our bus transit, says Kathryn Myhren-Haugen, communications manager at Router.

Many bus routes will be canceled in whole or in part due to this. Partial cancellation of a bus route means that the bus will not serve all stops.

Buses line up at Kirkveen in Oslo.

Photo: Johannes Albert Schlededal / NRK

– Many people are affected

Slippery roads were reported in Oslo, particularly in Ekeberg, Nordstrand, Lambertseter, Mortensrud, Østensjø, Skullerud, Bøler and Hasle.

Several problems were reported with Ring 2 in Oslo. At Uelands Gate, a bus stopped across. At Marianlist's Kirgavian, buses are lined up and unable to leave the venue.

Driving conditions are demanding in Akershus, Slemmestad and Røyken, and some roads in Asker and Bærum.

The router encourages travelers to use an itinerary before leaving home on Wednesday.

– Unfortunately, the communications manager at the router says that many passengers are affected.

Bus stand.

Many buses in Oslo are not in transit. From Pentsebrukata in Torsho here in Oslo.

Photo: Nadir Mohammad Alam / NRK

Warning of slippery roads

Slippery roads have led to several traffic accidents in eastern Norway.

There are many traffic accidents on Op E18 near Fornebu. Both the E18 and the E18 towards the city are affected.

Just after 06:00, a car ended up on its roof on the E6 in Moss. The accident occurred north of Mosseporten in a northbound direction.

There have also been two traffic accidents at Hanegliewa in Holmestrand. There were no injuries. After 08.30 the cars were recovered and the road was opened.


From Haneklewa on the Homestrand.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Hans Gustav Møvik Olsen, transport operator for Vegtrafikksentralen East, which covers Østfold, Akershus, Buskerud and Innlandet, says it's busy.

– Road quality on major roads is up to the mark, but minor district roads around the district, covered in snow and now raining, will become very slippery in a short time.

– If you're going out for a drive on these small roads, I'd think twice about actually driving. It's very slippery there. Drive according to the conditions and keep a good distance to the car in front. Expect delays and allow plenty of time, he adds.

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