BYD Tang delivers as hoped

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

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(Elbil24): About a year ago, we were able to report on ten Chinese car brands that will change the Norwegian car market. They have now started pouring in, and recently one of the most exciting of them put all his wheels on Norwegian soil.

So we got out on our first test ride with BYD Tang, and the experience was just as expected.

Expectations were high, because BYD actually nobody. The company is one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers, and has long been making electric cars and buses. The fact that the Tang model never arrived is due to the fact that both the manufacturer and the importer wanted to wait for the car to be delivered with the latest generation of batteries – the new Blade battery – which, among other things, contains absolutely no cobalt. But now the car has arrived, and here are our first impressions.

European design

The first thing you notice is the design naturally. This is different from what we are used to from China, when their cars were rejected at European auto shows because they were just real copies of the original European cars.

It was now a very different deal and strategy for the Chinese companies, and the solution was, among other things, to hire designers from Europe to take care of this segment. The BYD Tang was designed by Wolfgang Egger, who already has a number of cars on the conscience of Alfa Romeo, Audi and Lamborghini. In other words, no one is in the game.

So BYD Tang also bears the mark of a European design language, and it’s easy to admire.

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

Huge case

With a length of 4.87 meters, the car is similar to a full-fledged SUV. With a total height of 1.72 meters, there is also room for ground clearance of up to 19 cm. To enhance the visual impression, BYD put the car on 22-inch wheels, despite the fact that this automatically helps reduce potential longer range.

Because with a battery of 86.4 kWh – it is uncertain whether the total capacity or usable capacity – the range is set according to the WLTP standard at 400 km.

If we go, for example, to the upcoming BMW i4, without comparing otherwise, it will have a declared range of 510 kilometers with 18-inch wheels, while the specified range with 20-inch wheels with high-performance tires is 417 kilometers. That says a little bit about what the Tang would come with, if it were equipped with 20-inch wheels, for example. It’s the least you can get, thanks to the big Brembo brakes up front. Do we dare drive about 50 miles away?

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

good on the inside

When the doors open, Tang may show himself from his best side. In Norway, cars are taken with only one package, which is a complete package. The car simply contains almost all the equipment, and when it is loaded, more games are loaded for those who are really obsessed with the equipment.

Of course you have your own SIM for the 4G-enabled car, with the connections it allows, the car has a big stereo with good sound, and it has the option of apps from third-party providers, like Spotify, Google Maps, and more. In addition, it has a 360-degree camera where you can choose the angle and camera you want to show where it is, and you have a complete photo/video recorder that records what you require.

It also has a trip computer where you can measure 0-100 times, and other fun.

For the right mood, you have 31 colors to choose from in the mood lighting you find everywhere indoors, and you have a large panoramic glass roof that lets in as much natural light as you want. A motorized blind can be pulled down, if you prefer to keep out sunlight.

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The dashboards and doors are upholstered in leather and Alcantara, and there are contrast seams everywhere where it’s sewn. The seats have leather in the most exposed places, and at the same time they are ventilated for heat and cold.

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

dance place

Inside, the car is so large that importer RSA takes it with 7 seats as standard. There’s also nothing to question, because the seats don’t steal any of what would have been the luggage compartment on the same model with five seats.

Depending on how many seats you fold, it has a luggage compartment with a volume of 235, 940 or 1655 liters, respectively.

The second row of seats can also be adjusted, as indicated on the rails, legroom placed in the second row is never a problem. Regardless of the position, you have plenty of space in the longitudinal direction. In the third row, it is normal that the space is very little, and it is not easy to reach directly. But the young guys will have no problem getting in, and once they arrive they will be fine.

We measured the full length of the luggage compartment – from the back of the driver’s seat all the way to the back – up to 202cm when the driver’s seat was properly adjusted to the location below, which is 178cm with the boots on.

If this does not hold, the car also has a 50kg option. Roof load and trailer can be towed up to 1500 kg..

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

little to draw

It’s easy to adjust behind the wheel, and both seats and steering wheel have electric all-the-way adjustment. The seat neck pillow can be pulled forward or pushed back as desired, and it’s easy to get out of the way if you don’t want it there.

The car was only available for a short ride for the sake of a first impression, but that suggests well. The car responds as we’re used to, and would like a car in this class, and there’s not much to be said for performance.

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The sprint to 100 km / h on paper disappears in 4.6 seconds, the maximum speed is 180 km / h.

These are not just theoretical indicators, because the car also looks smart in practice. With a weight of 2,489 kg, you will naturally notice that she is gaining some weight, but not more than what is normal in this category. With an allowable gross weight of 3,060 kg, you also have the opportunity to take some with you, without fear of reaching the gross weight of the vehicle.

BYD Tang delivers as hoped

The driving test does not form such a basis for a character in the form of a dice, but the first impression is solid. The car feels like “full wood,” and the indefinable feel of quality belongs on the upper shelves.

It is simply difficult to find something that the car is missing, except for one thing. Franken. When the bonnet is opened, there is a small cover that can be removed, but it leads directly down to the electronics. In other words, there is no place for cables or anything else in there.

With the car now arriving in Norway, we’ll be back with a full test, including range and charging speed, in the near future, so stay tuned. For BYD Tang, she is actually among the most exciting newcomers of the upcoming time. For one thing is to make a complete set of car with a good awareness of quality.

But when the car is among the largest on the market, and it is delivered in the largest amount on the market, it must be said that its price tag of 599,000 kroner is a very good offer.

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