Kia with a huge price jump on the EV6: – You’d expect most people to follow

Prices for the Kia EV6 have increased by as much as 60,000 NOK.  But the importer says it will cover half of the increase for customers who ordered before July 1 — and all for those who ordered last year and are still waiting.

Kia’s Norwegian importer raises popular EV6 prices across the entire model range.

The price increase is NOK 50,000 for the entry-level EV6 with rear-wheel drive, the smaller of the two battery packs and active equipment level, while prices for other models have gone up by as much as NOK 60,000.

The previously mentioned base model cost NOK 419,900, while it has now been increased to NOK 469,900.

The same model with all-wheel drive previously cost 439,900, but now it has been increased to 499,900 crowns, thus continuing the model range. The cost of the top model EV6 GT at launch was 599,900 crowns, later revised to 619,900 and now to 679,900 crowns.

About as expensive as, say, the performance of a Tesla Model Y, it will now cost much more. The GT-Line equipment level, which was the most requested by EV6 customers, now costs about NOK 100,000 more than a relatively similarly equipped Volkswagen ID.

– 50,000 in one go should be an approximate record in this price bracket? This went from current to irrelevant relatively quickly for me, Tek reader writes by email.

Erin Solstad, CEO of Kia Norway, explains:

– In line with many manufacturers, now in Kia we are seeing an increase in the prices of raw materials. Batteries in particular. In addition, shipping rates are rising. This is something we see across all industries, and the auto industry is also being affected, she tells

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Solstad notes that the increase reflects increased cost from the plant.

– For those customers who are still waiting for a car and signed up for 2021, we chose to sink ourselves, freezing the car price at the 2021 level. The exception is the EV6 GT, which we haven’t started delivering yet. For those who ordered until July 1, the importer takes half the increase, i.e. NOK 25,000. We’re also charging $25,000 to all customers who wait for the EV6 GT, she says.

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We expect the vast majority to follow in the coming weeks and months. Our impression so far, Solstad says, is that most of our customers understand the situation the world is going through, and we haven’t seen much negative feedback so far.

At Hyundai, PR and Communications Director Øyvind Knudsen said there are no immediate plans to increase prices for the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s sister EV6 model.

However, prices were adjusted somewhat in connection with the launch of the 2023 model of the car earlier this year, and were subsequently revised by NOK 10,000 in May due to “increased costs”. Prices are now 499,900 NOK for the rear-wheel drive version and 529,900 NOK for all-wheel drive.

When it comes to the future, it is always difficult to predict future market conditions, and it is also known that prices may naturally change over time, but there are no plans to make adjustments as of today.

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Polestar has also adjusted prices for the Polestar 2. Here, the single-engine standard range for the base model has been increased by NOK 15,000, while the two more expensive models have been increased by NOK 30,000.

However, Polestar increased the battery size of its less expensive model from 64 to 69 kWh earlier this year and immediately increased the price by 15,000 kWh. Thus, the cheapest Polestar 2 became 30,000 kroner more expensive this year, and.

The main competitor, Tesla Model 3, currently costs just over 424,000 crowns, after adjusting prices upwards twice this year. First from 384,000 to 404,000 in early March, then a few days later with another 20,000 kroner.

Nissan also recently made a minor modification to the Ariya, in the range of just over 10,000 kroner, and BYD recently raised the price of the Tang by 20,000 kroner. We can cite several other examples.

Motor magazine editor Peter Raum says the price increases are confirmation that Norwegian car importers believe car customers are willing to pay much more than they have paid so far, and says he’s not sure if the introduction of VAT from the new year will dampen desire Especially in the purchase.

– This vehicle (EV6, newspaper. Note) has a delivery time of approximately one year. When Norway’s second-largest car importer thinks it can afford a price increase of more than 10 percent, it says something about how it reads the development in this market: They won’t be anywhere close to being able to deliver as many cars that meet demand for the foreseeable future, he says for

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– If Erin Solstad is right that most other importers want to do the same, that opens up a more mature discussion about how long these cars should be somewhat tax-exempt. Cars with internal combustion engines disappear from this market anyway – for two reasons: the European Union demands zero emissions from manufacturers, and significantly higher fuel prices. Admittedly, change is faster with current tax policy, but I think a lot of the momentum in new car development is in the electric car’s favor, and the question is no longer how that development is going, says Raum.

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