– I felt like I recorded the last days of my life – VG

- I felt like I recorded the last days of my life - VG

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis: Film star Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018. She has now recorded a documentary about life afterward. Photo: NINA PROMER/EPA

In the fall of 2018, movie star Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In a new documentary, she talks about how life has changed.


– I felt like I recorded the last days of my life, as Selma Blair says in trailer To the new documentary “Introduction, Selma Blair” writes CNN.

The documentary directed by Rachel Fleet is not just about living with MS. But it’s also about acceptance and resilience at the same time that the condition is getting worse.

“I always thought I was on a reality show,” Blair said at the start of the two-minute trailer.

Same diagnosis: Christina Applegate, 49, was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Photo: Jordan Strauss / Invision

Earlier this week, it became known that Blair’s acting colleague Christina Applegate, 49, has also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

– Hi friends. Two months ago, I was diagnosed with MS, writes Hollywood star Christina Applegate Twitter Tuesday.

When Selma Blair was diagnosed in 2018, she said she had experienced symptoms for several years, possibly as long as ten.

– I drop every now and then. I lose things. My memory is blurry. And I wrote on my left side asking for direction from my GPS is disabled Instagram this time.

In the new documentary, she tries to keep her spirits up, but it doesn’t work out all the time. Like when she was photographed in the hospital while receiving chemotherapy.

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– I was told that I plan to die. Not because I had MS, but because I was fighting the disease, says Selma Blair in the trailer.

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