Faith and science can be reconciled

Faith and science can be reconciled

The worldly ones should abandon the arrogance of the believers.

All life depends on spontaneous changes that cannot be predicted scientifically. In science it is called “emergence”. Evind Meland wrote that in religious language it is called “creation”.
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Ragnar Wieland Warns of fundamentalism on both sides of the religious divide at BP on August 6. Like Fjelland, I have a secular and scientific starting point when I claim that faith and science should be united. If we fail to do so, we can easily fall victim to religious and scientific fundamentalism.

Anyone who knows the contents of the Gospels will know that Jesus fought true submission in a battle against the Pharisees and the scribes. It is not known that modern science provides space for faith and trust in nature and creation.

science doctrine It consists in believing that all we need is a scientific way to test hypotheses so that we can confirm correct theories. But where do the hypotheses come from? Often from random whims and inclinations, what in religious language is called “revelation”.

Modern science also recognizes that all life depends on spontaneous changes that cannot be scientifically predicted. These phenomena often make life more efficient, but in principle they are random. Spontaneously occur. In science it is called “emergency” or “emerging phenomena”. In religious language, it is called “creation” and “creative force”.

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Faithful and laity together must admit that we as human beings depend on and belong to something greater than ourselves which is unimaginable to us. We must share the same humility and awe.

Evind Meland believes that life’s self-healing powers can find no place if we look enthusiastically at the long-awaited revelation on the fourth MRI image.

myth Science and therapeutic techniques are particularly harmful in my subject, medicine. Treatment and healing is not just a scientific basis. We rely on nature’s own healing power. We must have faith and trust that openness, patience, love, and compassion can promote healing and human growth.

Science does not provide us with such values. We have to make some valuable choices to create space for science and technology. Therefore, faith, trust and science must exist together.

self healing life The forces are hard to assimilate if we search alone and aggressively search for potential bacteria, a rare enzyme defect, a hypothetical metabolic anomaly or the long-awaited detection on the fourth MRI image.

We will not waste medical technology and science. But we can realize that technology belongs to every where the sacred, the utterance and the sometimes spontaneous have more importance to our health than procedures, technology and science.

Myths about science Technology leads to increased health and functional problems. Unrealistic expectations increase the suffering that threatens the sustainability of the welfare state and the health care system. Therefore, it is so important for the world to abandon the arrogance of believers.

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Instead, we must create a community of all who understand and experience that we belong to something greater than ourselves.


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