Prince Harry claims Prince William knocked him to the floor

Prince Harry claims Prince William knocked him to the floor
Siblings: Prince William and Prince Harry together in September 2022.

In his upcoming book, Prince Harry, 38, talks about a confrontation in 2019 that reportedly ended in him being physically attacked by Prince William, 40. Harry also blames his brother for the “Nazi uniform” scandal.


The engagement is said to have taken place at Prince Harry’s home in London. Harry writes that William paid him a visit to talk about the “disaster” that had unfolded in their relationship and in the tabloid press.

William was reportedly angry when he arrived at Harry’s house. Harry’s wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, was not present.

The book says the reason it developed into a physical argument was because Prince William called Meghan “difficult, rude and insensitive.” Watchman.

It is said to have caused Harry to light all the plugs, and William has been accused of repeating “the narrative created in the press” about Meghan.

After that, according to Harry, things must have gone from bad to worse.

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Prince Harry, 38, and Duchess Meghan, 41, caused a storm with their TV documentary. But the prince has a lot on his mind.

Prince Harry describes the confrontation with his older brother in detail. The two brothers are said to have shouted at each other.

William is said to have said he “just wanted to help”, but Harry is said to have responded with: “Are you serious? Help me? Sorry, is that what you call this? To help me?”».

Since then, the situation between them must have escalated, Prince Harry writes.

– He tore off the necklace

William is said to have become angry, and Harry claims he went into the kitchen and got a glass of water for his brother. It is said that William followed him and agreed to a glass of water.

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Harry reportedly made it clear that he did not want to continue the conversation while his brother was very angry.

It is said that William then put down the cup of water and walked towards his brother.

«Everything happened quickly. Very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, tore off my necklace, and knocked me to the groundwrites Harry.

The British Royal House has not yet commented on the contents of the book or the accusations against Prince William. BBC He writes that Buckingham Palace does not wish to comment.

– He’s injured

Prince Harry claims the attack left him with cuts on his back because he fell on a dog food bowl that broke.

«I lay for a moment, dazed, before getting to my feet and telling him to leavewrites Harry.

Harry also claims that William should have encouraged his little brother to fight back, “as they did when they were little”. Reportedly, Harry refused.

about the Nazi uniform

American Page six He writes that they also got excerpts from the book, and that Harry writes in a chapter about the infamous episode when he was 20 years old. He was posed in a Nazi uniform in a masquerade.

He must have stood between the pilot’s uniform and the Nazi uniform.

«I called Philly and Kate and asked what they thought. Black Nazi outfitwrites Harry.

He claims that he later tried on the costume for them and that they were “delirring”.

«Worse than a Willis leotard! More comic! Which was actually the pointwrites Harry.

Harry apologizes for the scandal in the latest Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan”but he didn’t mention something there that Prince William and Princess Kate, 40, should have been involved in.

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It is not known how the British newspaper obtained parts of the book’s top-secret contents. The launch won’t happen until Tuesday of next week.

Publisher Penguin Random House has not commented on the leak as of the time of writing.

Prince William reportedly left the scene, but has since returned and apologised. He is also said to have since denied attacking his brother, according to Harry’s post.

William is also said to have told Harry: “You don’t need to tell me about this.”

2018: Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry and Prince William on the balcony of the palace.

Prince Harry wrote that he called his therapist before telling his wife what had happened. However, Meghan is said to have reacted to the fact that her husband has “scratches”.

«She wasn’t too surprised, and certainly wasn’t angry. She was very sadwrites Harry.

The father’s name is Charles Beggar

Prince Harry also writes in the book that Charles (74), then a prince rather than a king, is said to have expressed great despair in the spring of 2021 about the situation his children were in. He is reunited At Windsor Castle after the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip.

Charles is said to have positioned himself between Harry and William, who were, according to the book, standing and “red on top”.

«Please guys. Don’t make my last years miserableCharles is said to have said to his sons.

According to Martin Bingley, a journalist for The Guardian, BBC He did not attempt to contact Prince William’s team regarding the article about the book.

“It is,” says Bingley the book which was reported, and that the allegations were made at Harry’s expense.”

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BEST TIMES: Prince Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry in 2000.

it is expected that Curriculum Vitae It will cause a further deterioration in the relationship between Prince Harry and the rest of the British royal family. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan ceased to function as royals in 2020 when they moved to the United States.

The title “reserve” can be translated in this context as “reserve” or more negatively as what remains. The title plays on the phrase “heir and spare”, implying that it is the duty of the royal family to provide “heir and spare”.

According to the book, Prince Charles is said to have stated to Princess Diana after Harry was born:

«lovable! You have now given me an heir and a reserve – then my work is done. “

King Charles will be crowned on Saturday 6 May. British newspapers reported before Christmas that Harry and Meghan They will be invited to the party.

So much for the heart

In terms of releasing the book, so did Prince Harry Interview with Anderson Cooper (65) In “60 Minutes,” which will be broadcast next Sunday. In clips from the interview, Harry says he wants his father and brother back and be part of a family, not an institution.

The prince also says that he “was not met with any desire for reunification.”

– I’d like my dad back. I would like my brother back, He says in the TV interview.

Harry also says about what he and his wife describe as a lack of support from the royal family:

It gets to a point where silence is like betrayal.

Other than that, Harry says, he never sees himself wanting to officially function as a royal again.

The book comes a month after that The controversial documentary on Netflix Released on Netflix. The Royal Laundry made headlines:


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