– What he should have done today – VG

- What he should have done today - VG
Done: Frederic Skaflan, pictured here in the kitchen in the cabin in Bohuslan in connection with the TV documentary.

Frederic Scaflan thought it was funny when he asked Marit Björgen to show off her muscles on TV in 2010. He doesn’t think so today.


In next Saturday’s “Skavlan” documentary, Frederic Skavlan (55) delves into the old success stories – but also the less successful sessions.

In a conversation with his ex-“Skavlan” partner Niklas Källner (45), the talk show veteran sums up his 25 years on screen, 300 shows and 2,000 guests. Last Saturday was over.

The interview was filmed in the cabin of Skavlan and Maria Bonnevie (48) in Skaftö in Lysekil in Bohuslän, during the last planning of «Skavlan».

When Kallner asks what it’s like to be a talk show host, Scaflan replies that he’s worried in the first place because he hasn’t yet Salim I felt the emotions.

It’s mostly about all the relationships that have developed along the way and it’s not really about me sitting and talking to celebrities. the Brilliant in itself, but it’s all about the lessons or other. He says about the staff we have experienced each other’s divorce, parental births and deaths.

Colleagues and friends: Fredrik Skavlan and Niklas Kallner at home in the kitchen of the Skavlan cottage in Sweden.

Kallner confronts Scaflan about the storm that has arisen with politicians Jimmy Okeson was a guest in 2015, which Skavlan has received over the years Criticize the interview style towards women.

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«Skavlan flirts on TV and uses the female guests in “First & Last” as decorations and sexual objects“,” Historian John Hostad claimed in 2003. Since then, Skavlan has been criticized many times The way he talks to women.

There are a few things I did when I was 30 that I wouldn’t do now when I’m 55, says Scaflan now — and raises a current issue.

– Marit Björgen has been with me probably for 11 years. She has won Olympic medals.

In Marit Bjørgen’s biography “Winner Heart,” released earlier this year, the cross-country Queen (41) tells how uncomfortable she felt when Skavlan asked her in 2010 to show off her biceps on TV.

Scaflan now remembers how all this happened, how they projected Olympic moments on screen in the studio and that he thought ‘what is being What did you make? ”

– I started talking about her muscles and I made her show them. It was a focus on the body, then, right? Which was uncomfortable for her. But he says I didn’t understand it.

Deep down there was some mystery, Scaflan says, about what the talk show should look like, a mix of journalism and entertainment.

– And in the process where I have to find the figure, I erred. When I’m sitting there thinking I’m funny, I joke about my arms Marit Beurgen.

But there and then did not see a problem.

– Today he just feels …, he points and makes a gloomy sound.

– She played a bigger role in the early years, a young host who was a bit “rude”. Scavlan says I shouldn’t have done that day.

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Marit Björgen thinks it’s good that Scaflan sheds light on what happened.

– I’m done with this case, but there is respect for the fact that he is modest about it, she tells VG.

– and Scavlan have been talking since then, and he’s apologizing. I didn’t want to show my arms, but I felt I had no other choice.

Disputed: Frederic Scaflan asked Marit Björgen to show off her muscles on TV in 2010.

The uprising surrounding Okeson’s interview was divided in Norway and Sweden. While many Swedes opposed the SD leader’s call at all, Norwegian critics believed Skavlan shot a man who was lying down.

Skaflan says he has an idea of ​​the reactions.

– I knew that if I hadn’t asked Jimmy Okesson hard questions, I would have been the obvious prey of much of the Swedish public. He now admits it was a tough interview.

Skaflan also says he wonders if the reactions suggest he has “become completely Swede”.

– I don’t feel it myself, he says and smiles.

Disputants: Jimmy Akesson and Frederic Skaflan in 2015.

TV 2 states that Skavlan does not want to comment on the documentary.

Scaflan says he and his ideals have changed over the years. He describes his career as “sitting with a Rubik’s Cube for 25 years and never achieving it”.

– That’s one of the reasons I’ve been doing this for so long. There is always one wrong color on the page, he says.

CABIN: The documentary was recorded in Bohuslän’s Summer Paradise.

Skalvan is also confident that the plan ten years ago, before he was invited to the Swedish screens, was to surrender when he was on top. However, it is an approximation The numbers below are here at home. This fall, the average was 216,000 viewers.

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– I don’t know what to do after the last broadcast. So I have an open and exciting future. We’ll see Scaplan chuckle in the documentary.

Touch: Frederic Scaflan after Scaflan’s last recording.
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