Camila Cabello: – It’s never been a worse day at the beach

Camila Cabello: - It's never been a worse day at the beach

“Every time I go to this beach club in Miami they get pictures taken of me, somehow they know I’m there, and they take pictures of me every time. And I felt so weak and unprepared.”

This is how it started Actress Camila Cabello (25) An Instagram post this weekend where she’s clearly had enough.

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“I put on bikinis that were too small, and I don’t think about how I look. But then I see pictures of myself on the Internet and comment on them and I get so bored,” the “Havana” singer continues.

The young star’s engagement comes shortly after some media outlets published pictures of her in a bikini, which she is now naturally tired of.

– He didn’t breathe

Cabello also doesn’t hide the fact that she feels the pressure that women feel when it comes to shape.

“It’s a culture that has become very accustomed to a ‘healthy’ woman’s body image. But it really isn’t for all women.”

“Today I had a new bikini, really cute, I put on my lip gloss and didn’t eat anything big until I went overboard because I knew it was going to be like a brain imaging session. I grabbed my stomach so hard that my stomach muscles were sore and it was hard to breathe,” reveals the star.

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Furthermore, she explained that she almost never smiled and was always self-conscious while at the beach, since there are paparazzi around her all the time.

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“I knew I looked good in pictures and felt successful, but I still didn’t have a worse day at the beach,” the artist continues.

The 25-year-old writes in the conclusion that she wishes she was seven again, when she was happy, joking, and felt free on the beach.


In the comments section, the star’s 61 million followers around her communicate, sending love letters. Some also point out how important Capello’s involvement is.

“I am very sorry, but at the same time I am very grateful that you commented on the matter. You are a wonderful soul ”, writes one of the followers.

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‘As real as it can get. Thanks for sharing this with the world. I’m so sorry you had to try this, but being able to communicate this and your feelings will help many. A true queen,” writes another.

At the time of writing, the post has received over 1 million likes.

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