Can you believe your own words, dad? – Daily newspaper

Can you believe your own words, dad?  – Daily newspaper

The government will announce 92 new blocks in the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea, where oil companies can search for more oil and gas. This runs counter to clear messages from the United Nations and the International Energy Agency that there is no room to look for more oil if we are to meet climate goals. However, Foreign Minister Biland Eriksen (AP) Daily News 18 Studio He says the ad is part of the government’s climate solution, so does he really believe what he says?

Before the general election, Store came out promising to be a climate campaigner in the Prime Minister’s chair. “The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. It will affect my entire job as Prime Minister if Abe wins the election.” advertiser he. When challenged by Lieutenant-Colonel Bjylland Eriksen on this statement against the massive announcement of new oilfields, the Foreign Secretary replied that this was an “absolute” part of the government’s climate action.

These statements make me think of one of two things: Either the government does not have sufficient knowledge of the impact of oil on the climate, or it is deliberately trying to wash its gray oil policy with misinformation. Lighting up 92 new blocks for oil and gas exploration is by no means a positive measure for the climate, on the contrary, it will lead to significant emissions. Not without reason that the UN Secretary General urgently pray All countries stop searching for more oil, coal and gas.

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If we want to reach the target in the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees The world should cut in half global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and be zero-emissions by 2050. According to the International Energy Agency There will be no room for new investments in coal, oil and gas from 2021 and listing, if the world is to reach this target. It is provocative for a government to pursue a policy that contradicts climate research, while at the same time claiming to be climate friendly.

If Norway is going to take the climate crisis really seriously, the government will have to start planning for a phased and controlled phase-out of oil and gas activities on the Norwegian continental shelf. An oil committee should be established immediately to ensure a smooth transition to green, profitable and climate-friendly industries, and to plan for the phase-out of Norwegian oil and gas operations. Unfortunately, the government is going in exactly the opposite direction.

Large portions of the areas the government wants to light are in the Arctic, and the oil fields won’t be operational until about 20 years from now. Thus, they can continue to produce long after 2080. As climate activist Penelope Leah advertiserIn the context of the declaration: “This crushes all hopes of reaching our climate goals.” It is frightening that our top elected politicians are driving us at full speed off a cliff. Norway’s energy and climate policy desperately needs a complete transformation.

As Gina Gelver, Head of Nature & Youth, pointed out quite correctly at Dagsnytt 18, this ad is a completely wrong signal to be given to business. As politicians, we have to help and support business in the green transition. We in the Center Party believe that instead of lighting more and more oil fields, the government should make massive investments in renewable energy. Among other things, 1% of the oil fund should be allocated to a local green investment fund.

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The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. Storr also agreed to this before he became Prime Minister. However, he and the rest of the government pursue a gray oil policy that destroys the very foundation of life for future generations. I don’t think anything of the government lighting up new oil fields at record speed, not investing massively in renewable energy and rolling back important climate measures. But I really resent it when they try to shower themselves with nice words.

The beautiful words in party speeches and in studio Dagsnytt 18 do nothing to limit the most catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis. We need concrete policy measures in the face of the greatest challenge of our time. Unfortunately, the government is currently failing here. But if the government is really interested in stopping the climate crisis as Sture and Bieleland Eriksen claim, then maybe we will soon see new, real and effective climate measures?

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