Canada Bans Homeopathy – VG

Canada Bans Homeopathy – VG
GAY FIGHT: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a pride parade in Toronto in 2016.

The House of Representatives of Canada’s Parliament has voted to ban gay conversion therapy – the so-called “reciprocity”.


The practice aims to change a person’s orientation, for example, from homosexual, homosexual or bisexual, to heterosexual, and is highly controversial.

“Treatment” is now prohibited in a law passed unanimously by the Canadian Parliament.

Members of Parliament from both the ruling Liberal Party and the Canadian Conservative Party congratulated each other with handshakes and hugs, Canadian CBC News reports.

– This is a wonderful day. This is what we can achieve when Parliament cooperates, Justice Minister David Lamette told Canadian Radio.

According to the BBC Some Conservative MPs have raised questions about the wording of the law’s text, as they were concerned about the ability to criminalize conversations about sexual activity between young people and parents or teachers.

Justice Minister Lamiti dismissed the question as unfounded, and none of the elected representatives voted against the new law.

Sexuality often transcends prejudice – watch BAdesken test “gaydar” on VGTV:

The ban on conversion therapy in Norway was also discussed. In Hurdal platform has The government called for the practice to be banned.

Profile and VGTV host Morten Hegseth is among those who have long spoken out loud about what he believes needs to be a clear ban on transformational therapy.

– Sure, he was banned in victory, but it’s not too surprising. Labor was among those who worked hard for Prohibition, and when the Conservatives, Liberals and Christian Democrats also backed such a law, all that was required was for the Socialist-Labor government to do the same, Hegseth said. in October.

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Pride Celebration: Host Morten Hegseth has been a vocal voice to ban homeopathy. Here’s from the Pride March in 2019.

In 2019, Morten Hegseth produced the documentary series home treatment for VGTV. In this series, he meets people who have experience in transformational therapy in different ways.

You can watch the entire series about homeopathy here.

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