Car, electric car | A big change for Norwegian electric drivers

Car, electric car |  A big change for Norwegian electric drivers

(The newspaper online:- Last Easter there were reports that some felt frustrated and hopeless in the download queue. Maybe we can get reports on that again, says general secretary Christina Pau of the Electric Vehicle Association.

— but there will likely be fewer people frustrated with shipping, and the actual time in the potential queue will likely be shorter, too.

Bo continues by saying that there are currently 8,111 fast chargers in Norway.

Less in the shipping queue

The annual Elbilisten survey, conducted by the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, shows that 42 percent reported encountering charging queues sometimes, or often. This is 11 percentage points lower than the previous year.

There are also fewer people who have been in the shipping queue for a long time. 26% say they stood in line for more than ten minutes. Last year, 37% reported the same.

According to the survey, 90 percent used fast charging in the past year.

– We can't get out of all the charging queues, but when electric cars go further and there are less problems with payment because you can use the card, it will also be better on big departure days.

This was also said by Communications Director Stian Mathisen at Recharge The newspaper online At the end of March:

Previously, queuing was more of a challenge, and many people who drove electric cars on long trips four or five years ago may have faced having to wait for an available charger, especially at the more popular stations.

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– Now there is almost no queue, except during the busiest hours on typical departure days such as Easter and Christmas holidays.

Small summer queue

– The poll was conducted outside of the “high season”, what do you think this summer will look like?

– It is carried out outside the “peak season”, but likely during the Easter, fall and Christmas holidays as most people travel on the same day, so during these periods there is a high season for queues, says Bo.

Last summer, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association conducted another survey, which confirmed that there were fewer waiting lists during the summer holidays.

Only 24% encountered queues sometimes, or often. 32% rarely faced a wait for shipment, and 43% never faced it.

Costs more

NAF said earlier in April that fast charging an electric vehicle costs the same as filling the tank of a diesel car.

– With today's level of fast charging prices, charging an electric car is just as expensive as filling up a diesel car, said Nils Sodal, senior communications advisor at NAF in a press release.

Matthiessen explained that the reasons for the significant difference between home charging and fast chargers are many and complex. Renting the network for high-power charging is more expensive, and at the same time there are costs for purchasing, installing and maintaining chargers.

– The cost of installing, operating and maintaining a Lightning charger can be 50 times higher (than at home, journal note).

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