Putting his reality career on the shelf forever

Putting his reality career on the shelf forever

When Helen Hema (28) appeared on the scandal series Ex On The Beach in 2018, she was described as a firecracker from Hogesund, and it didn't take long for the 28-year-old to become the talk of the town. TV viewers.

He confirms joking

After making a name for herself on the scandalous reality show, she went on to appear in several exciting TV stints, including '71 Degrees North', 'Forest's Date' and 'The Bachelor'.

However, now, the pipe has taken on a different sound, and Hima can reveal to Se og Hør that she has resigned herself to this kind of reality.

A glimpse into reality Helen Hema was present at the festival for the first time. It was nothing to her. Video: Red Runner
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-I feel very good during the day. People say I'm glowing, and I have to agree with that. I feel like I'm walking on a pink cloud.

Hema smiles and looks and feels happy. The angry and sometimes frightening look has completely disappeared.

Had to speak to a psychologist after participating

Had to speak to a psychologist after participating

The 28-year-old is a far cry from who she was when she first appeared in front of the camera. What happened?

-Is this noticeable? I always wanted to be Helen, but maybe you'll change for the better as you get older? I'm more confident now than I was before. I'm not a “drama magnet” anymore! Now I prefer to be calm, and I appreciate more that the situation is safe and good around me, she admits to Se og Hør.

“Previous on the beach”: Mikael Mercelo tells of an incident that allegedly occurred between him and Hélène Hima while recording in Brazil. Reporter: Selina Morkin. Video: Ken Falch/Jenny Ass.
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I found happiness on my own

Hema did not find love in 'Første date', 'Ex On The Beach' or 'The Bachelor'. She did it entirely on her own, and that turned out to be a little recipe for success.

She reveals to Se og Hør that love is blossoming like never before, and that it won't be long until she and her boyfriend can finally share the same address.

At each other's teeth: There was a lot of uproar in “Ex on the Beach” after Mario Riera slandered Helen Heima and Andreas Ostroy among others on a date. Reporter: Selina Morkin. Video: Jenny Emily Ass/Discovery+
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-I'm really looking forward to moving in with my boyfriend now! I've lived in D.C. for the past six years, so there's probably been a bit of a transition, since it's a small town. But I hate long-distance relationships, and I can really live anywhere as long as there is true love, says Hema, adding:

-But I'll probably be in Oslo once a month for different things. Then there's always a birthday or premiere I'd like to attend.

In Love: Helen is looking to move in with her boyfriend.  Photo: private

In Love: Helen is looking to move in with her boyfriend. Photo: private
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There are many things that come with moving from a city where you have lived for a long time. Hema reveals that she has just quit her job at the nursery, and admits that it is a bit sad:

-I'm very happy with this job, but I hope I can work with people when I move. I'm in the middle of my notice period. I'm already packing this summer, so June will fly by, but my girlfriend and I were able to book a trip abroad in July to relax a bit.



He denies these accusations

By many, Hema is still described as a bit of a shy westerner. She understands where these allegations are coming from, but admits that not everything is as it seems, or as depicted on TV.

GLOWDER: Helen Hyma says she floats on a pink cloud during the day.  Photo: private

GLOWDER: Helen Hyma says she floats on a pink cloud during the day. Photo: private
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-I'm calmer than many might give the impression. People are still surprised, but I don't really care anymore. This year has been nothing but uphill after uphill. I was so thrilled that sometimes I had to pinch myself in my arms.

Although she has settled a bit into her new life, she remains vague about what awaits the Norwegian public. She tells Se og Hør that she is working on several exciting projects, but they are confidential – until further notice.

About Ghazal: - Very handsome

About Ghazal: – Very handsome

– Will there be a return? Or is it completely abandoned?

– Maybe there will be no “TV spotlight” anymore, but the fact that I appeared on a more appropriate program should not be overlooked at all, she replies with a sly smile.

love: Helen Hema, known from the show “Ex on the Beach”, says she has met someone. Reporter: Selina Morkin. Video: Jenny Ass
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