Peter Stordalen and Marta Elander Westen with their baby announcement

Peter Stordalen and Marta Elander Westen with their baby announcement

In the summer of 2020, it was reported that Peter Stordalen (60 years old) had found love with former show jumper Marta Elander Westen (32 years old).

Surprise with special holiday photos

Stordalen previously spoke about his new girlfriend and how the relationship began. Everything took a turn when the pandemic took full control of the country in March 2020.

Peter Stordalen has been with Marta Elander Westen during the pandemic. To Pernilla Wahlgren, they tell us how they had to learn to feel again after things returned to normal.
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– In fact, the Corona crisis is what brought us together. He told me that Marta came to Oslo for a visit before everything shut down, and she stuck with me here VG this time.

He escaped from the seal

He escaped from Peter’s seal.

On the red carpet in 2021, the couple can confirm to the Swedish Aftonbladet That they became cohabitants in both Oslo and Stockholm, in addition to the fact that they acquired two dogs together.

Against Swedish to hand in The couple is now coming with a new update about their relationship.

The stage was set Thursday for a party in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, where the opening of the Clarion Draken Hotel was scheduled to be celebrated. During the opening, the website asked the couple if they wanted children together.

Pernilla Wahlgren visits Petter Stordalen, and ends up sharing details since it’s Swedish “Skal vi danse”, which makes the others yawn. Video: Red Runner/Discovery+
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– No, we deal with one case at a time, and now we will open a hotel, says Stordalen, while Westen agrees.

In full grab with the Swedish artist

In full grab with the Swedish artist

Stordalen is also asked if they will take the relationship a step further and get engaged.

– I can’t reveal it, but I love Marta very much. Waking up every day with Marta is a dream.

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