“Shuweigen in Rom” – Im Gespräch mit Abbot Nicodemus Schnabel

“Shuweigen in Rom” – Im Gespräch mit Abbot Nicodemus Schnabel

St. Anselmo of the Roman Aventine, one of the Rhohe Islands above the ancient Roman city of Innenstadt, is a fascinating center for the Universal Benedictine Union and another international university, as well as for the Catholic world in India. Here I met Nicodemus Schnabel, abbot of the Dormite Monastery in Jerusalem.

While the world’s various hopes and fears arose with the current Vatican Synod of Bishops, Pope Francis ordered participants to remain silent in communicating with the public. Die hat unter Kommentatoren und Journalisten versichtigkeit is designed to etwas Aufsehen gesorgt. Meine Frage and den Mönch ist schnell gestellt: How does one understand the culture of Livetickers in a world of “Sweigens und Hörens” as well as journalists who break the news?

Die Schweigens Bedeutung

Abbot Nicodemus first said that irritation caused by päpstliche Entscheidung unter Medienleuten “definitely“That’s good, that’s the way it is.”Das Gegenteil der Medienlogic, die uns immer dazu drängt, to communicate, be transparent and speak up constantly” And the: “Dieses Kommunizieren and Reden have become incredibly bright. After all, the door is closed, then, when it comes to the Spitze three, we will see it again. How often does this happen? This will help you to get more information.“And the original word is completely different: It is best to not listen to it, it is impossible and it is difficult to see it. The Synod, as a place for discussion and reflection, requires a moment of silence to acknowledge the leading of the Holy Spirit. In this area, the Schneller communication system is connected, it is connected to the network, so this is the case.

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The balance between silence and communication

It will be better if you don’t know what to do. He’s getting a lot of attentionThere is no need to worry about anything“.”This means that there is no need to eat food.Schnabel explains that those who do not usually come to the Word come to the Word:Was it meinen die Migranten? Was meinen die Asylsuitkenden? Was the group of weaklings working to remove Kersh?

The written dimension

Die Entscheidung des Papstes auf das Schweigen zu setzen, sieht P. Nikodemus is justified in writing. Remember the prophet Elijah, who experienced God’s revelation in the silent Säuseln des Windes. Even Jesus often resorted to prayer and communication with his heavenly Father. Silence and the call to prayer are important elements in the Bible and in the Benedictine tradition: “Die Regel des heiligen Benedikt clearly states that schweigen is of such high value in monastic life that sometimes good conversations must be avoided in order to give priority to schweigen. Das Schweigen also has the expensive Stellenwert. When the house is closed, it’s hot and there’s something wrong with it, it’s too hot to eat

Schweigen is online

This service does not have any communication facility, as it has a special form of Davon. Father Nicodemus:However, Schweigen can also be negative, wenn es dazu verwendet wird, Mauern zwischen Menschen zu errichten. Schweigen in Verbindung mit dem Zuhören is a service for one of communication and an intimate relationship.“It allows you to stay safe and healthy and have a very high level of comfort. It’s very important for you to have a good view, so you can enjoy it.”

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Schweigen and Reden im Einglang

Schweigen und Sprechen are therefore not Gegensätze, they are two sides of the same medal. It’s hard to find the right balance. Abbot Schnabel: “I amn der Stille auf Gott zu hören, auf Gottes Ruf zu achten und dann auch aufeinander zu hören, diese Balance zwischen Schweigen und Communication is entscheidend.“Schweigen and Communication complete sich und bilden eine Harmonische Einheit.

Includes dialogue

Finally, the Benedictines of Jerusalem, who were until their election to the position of Principal Patriarchal Vicar (also Bischovsvekar) for Migrants and Asylum Seekers of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, expressed their hope that the current Synod would listen to the voices of migrants and asylum seekers so often heard asking for “Deser.”Schwestern and Brüder im Glauben, the same thing exists with us“And there are a lot of things in the Western world that are often used. Zugleich erhopt is the motivation behind it, so that in a multi-religious world in Glauben we can learn and communicate, as Brücken zu others Glaubensrichtungen and Traditionen Schlägt, Naften Graben zu Vertifen. The dialogue is Inclusiveness is the key to overcoming differences and promoting mutual understanding, said Benedictinerabet from Jerusalem.

Pater Nicodemus Schnabel, born in 1978 in Stuttgart, is a Benedictine MHL. nation. Nach seinem Studium der Philosophie und Theologie in verschiedenen Städten has been promoted to the University of Vienna. 2003 trat er in die Dormitioabtei in Jerusalem An Eye and a Word 2013 zum Priester geweiht. Von war 2016 bis 2018 is the former director der Abtei. In July 2021, Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa appointed him leader of Catholic pastoral care for migrants and asylum seekers in Jerusalem. From February 2023 until now, the abbot has been running Klosters

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