Toro, Soup | Diagnosis: tomato soup horror

Toro, Soup |  Diagnosis: tomato soup horror

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This story begins with me sitting down for a blood test at the doctor’s office:

– Do many people faint when the needle gets close to the arm, I ask.

– Someone faints. It is primarily men who take the test, she says.

– Why don’t the ladies faint?

Maybe she’s solid in a different way than a man.

– Are you afraid of something?

– I’m afraid of tomato soup.

– You can’t be in the same room as tomato soup?

– No, I am completely panicking.

– We have each of us. thanks for the tip.

– You’re welcome.

After this conversation, ChatGPT asked how common the fear of tomato soup was and got the answer: “Fear of tomato soup, also known as tomato soup phobia or lycopersiconophobia, is not a known or common phobia.”

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ChatGPT now recommends that I see a psychologist or professional therapist if the phobia is affecting my quality of life and ruining my daily life. ChatGPT asks if you need therapy and support.

Obviously, the horror of tomato soup is not something you should take lightly.

The most common phobia

I have to admit that I had never heard of lycopersicoaphobia before. So I have to google about this phenomenon. This is how I discovered that the term includes everyone who is afraid of tomatoes or ketchup.

This phenomenon should not be confused with what star chef Eyvind Hellstrom deals with, which is not a phobia, but rather a ketchup aversion.

Google says that 10 out of 100 people will develop a phobia at some point in their lives and that the phobia is more common among women than among men. Social anxiety is the most common phobia in the world.

Tomatoes can certainly be combined with social anxiety, but here I am unsure professionally.

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This makes me think of my friend Pal, who has struggled his whole life with a fear of tomatoes. He also does not like cheese.

Once Pål and I were at Peppe’s Pizza on Solli plass, Pål ordered a pizza without tomatoes and cheese. Then the chef came out to look at us. I think the chef was shocked.

Here’s a reason to ask if you’d marry a man who wouldn’t eat melted cheese. I think humanity would die if everyone was like Pål. in the digestive system.

Low standing sack soup

When tomato soup is so dangerous that it has its own prognosis, I’m curious. I ask the wife about this and get the answer that she has to distinguish between bagged soup and soup made from scratch at, say, Brunkollen.

This is a place in Bærumsmarka where you can go for a reasonably long walk in the middle of the week and enjoy a pleasant experience with good friends, I suspect the taste of the soup is influenced by the fact that you are in the mood from the walk but my nose is that of the wife.

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Then I wonder if this has something to do with the low status of bag soup in society.

Can tomatoes that you crushed yourself be better than ones that have been turned into powder for you, and plain simply isn’t the best?

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I don’t think you’re going too far in this country by going around saying you like toro tomato soup, that’s something you can only do if the kids are served pancakes after the soup which took a long time to cook and that justifies the bag of the bag.

For me personally, tomato soup depends a lot on whether there is a half-boiled egg each, but I see that the egg can be interpreted as an attempt at bribery, and that you are making a thin, pale and tasteless pimp that can make people anxious, but leave it for now.

In a discussion about tomato soup, I would say that the lean compromise is better than the real fat.

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