Carlsen’s victory ignited in a dramatic party

Carlsen's victory ignited in a dramatic party

Magnus Carlsen Jordan First Class 0.5-0.5

“It was a very exciting party, but I’m a little disappointed with making two decisions,” Carlsen tells TV 2.

The start of the party was marked by a draw. The position was opened when Van Forest chose to attack with a pawn on the edge.

The TV 2 chess expert considered this move beneficial to Carlsen, although it did not affect the chess computer.

– Magnus didn’t do anything special. He just sat and waited like a spear in a reed. John Ludwig Hammer commented, but was now soon ready to attack forward and punish Van Forest for what might – for the time being – look like a reckless attack on the edge.

The contender: Jordan van Forest, who won a sensational Tata Steel last year. Photo: KOEN VAN WEEL

Carlsen left a peasant in his white yard afterwards.

Then the party developed into a nerve-wracking party. The situation changed abruptly several times, in situations where players repeatedly made only one move was good enough, according to the chess machine.

After Carlsen appeared to have overlooked a huge acquisition, Van Forest mistook the feud.

According to the computer, Carlsen pocketed the victory. The problem was that he overlooked the possibility of moving the king.

The World Champion moved instead of the Queen, before Van Forest found the only move that was enough for him.

Then the players were at the back.

Then Carlsen was pressed for time. Before dominating time in step 40, the 31-year-old missed his best chance yet again. Then all of a sudden Van Forest had the upper hand, but it wasn’t big enough for victory.

After 52 moves, the lottery was replayed.

A hesitant party. Somehow, I was shocked because it was a tie. Both put security aside, but especially Van Forest, Hammer summed up.

– Magnus had a chance all the way to win the match, but he simply made a mistake, he continued.

The world champion himself is disappointed by the misuse of opportunities.

“The most frustrating thing is that I committed a very ugly miscalculation after sacrificing a farmer,” Carlsen explains.

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Carlsen has two and a half points out of four potential points so far in Tata Steel.

Wednesday is a rest day at Wijk aan Zee. The Prestige Championship returns on Thursday on TV 2 Sport 2 and TV 2 Play from kl. 13.45.

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