Michael O’Hare won the guardianship case

Michael O’Hare won the guardianship case
Michael O’Hare won the guardianship case

Former NFL star Michael Ohers has won his custody lawsuit against his “adopted parents” Leigh Ann and Sean Tuohy.


On Monday, August 14, Michael Ohers, 37, filed a lawsuit against couple Lee Ann and Shawn Toohey, who he fostered when he was a teenager.

The former American footballer claimed that the couple forced him to sign papers making them his guardians instead of his adoptive parents, as O’Hare himself believed. This happened in 2004, when O’Hare was 18 years old.

According to the news agency AP The judge in the case, Kathleen Gomez, is said to have called the agreement “troubling.” She claimed to have never seen a guardianship agreement for a person who was not developmentally disabled, the news agency said.

– I can’t believe it’s done, Gomez says.

It became clear on Friday that Gomez had revoked the guardianship order.

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Then Ohers was once again free to enter into his own agreements.

Like a Son: Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy in New Orleans earlier this year.  The couple says they love O'Hare like a son.

The story of Ohens and the couple is known from the Hollywood film “The Blind Side” from 2009.

The film shows a young black man from a poor neighborhood being taken in by a wealthy white family. Together, they ensure O’Hare plays all the way to the NFL.

Oscar Winners: Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award for her role as Lee Anne Twohey in the drama film

He claims everyone has paid but him

In the lawsuit, Ohrs also asked the couple to provide a complete overview of all the money they received as a result of the custody agreement.

Among other things, he claims the couple and their two children were paid $225,000 each for The Blind Side, plus a percentage of the film’s profits. He claims that everyone in the family, except for him, received money for the film, according to The Verge. People magazine online.

The Tuohy family denied this, as did Alcon Entertainment, which produced the film. The company claims that O’Hare and the Tuohy family received the money in total, about $767,000. This is what people write.

This portion of the lawsuit has not been resolved and is ongoing.

– We are devastated

Sean Tuohy has previously said that he and his wife would end the conservatorship if that was Ohene’s wish.

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– We are devastated. It is terrible to think that we will make money from some of our children. But we want to love 37-year-old Michael, just as we loved 16-year-old Michael, he tells the local newspaper. Daily Mamfianbefore the trial.

In the court document, the couple reportedly said they loved O’Hare like a son. They say they provided him with food, shelter, clothes and cars when he lived with them, but never planned to legally adopt him, according to AP News.

They say they chose to enter into conservatorship to align with University of Mississippi regulations, where he was allowed to attend if he was “part of the Tuohy family in any way.”


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