Pictures that “prove” Warholm’s mutation are misleading, he believes: – trivial

Pictures that “prove” Warholm’s mutation are misleading, he believes: – trivial

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Final stop: Carsten Warholm can smile for a World Cup final again.

Vladimir Vukicevic, 32, called the Italian protest against Carsten Warholm’s semi-final walk on Monday trivial and believes the images are misleading.


Carsten Warholm convincingly reached the final of the World Championships in Budapest on Monday night, despite hitting an obstacle.

Next, drama occurred when Italy lodged a protest against Warholm. They thought he crossed the second hurdle erratically, and they thought the Norwegian should have been thrown off.

The jury rejected the protest because it was too late.

– I think the protest of the Italians is frivolous, – says Vladimir Vukiceevich to VG.

The 11-time Norwegian 110m hurdles champion knows a little about getting the hurdles right.

A video released by NRK appears to show Warholm’s left foot running over the outside of a fence, rather than over it. Vukicevic means pictures that do not show the full picture.

– The angle that appears is misleading. If you see the corner from the top or the front, you can see it doesn’t break the track, says the man who won the NM race four years in a row.

Honored: Vladimir Vukiceevich was honored during the NM this summer. He believes that the protest of the Italians is “frivolous”.

Moves the right way. Only one angle is very misleading.

He is supported by the barriers and training mast Amalie Ewell.

– This protest is just nonsense. Warholm’s training partner says he clearly didn’t gain anything from this hedging permit.

The protest could not have continued anyway. The regulations say you have to be outside and under the fence, which it isn’t. Italy does not have a good situation.

Not everyone agrees.

And in Finland, the athlete Oscar Moro was clear that the pictures left no room for speculation.

“Unfortunately, it looks like Warholm’s foot crossed the fence and wasn’t high enough,” he told Yle.

– If you follow the rule book, there appears to be a reason for disqualification. Finnish athletics expert Mikael Iustalo added that Warholm’s left foot was too far when it crossed the barrier.

Warholm himself said after the race that he got a little too close to the fence. Vukicevic explains that the Norwegian comes at a tremendous pace in this role.

Warholm has so much speed that he has to stay completely off the track. He’s running so far into the bend because he’s so fast.

He thinks Warholm should have been exposed: Oscar Moreau thinks the photos were so obvious that Karsten Warholm should have been discussed.

In the same sequence, Warholm hit his knee on the fence. Ewell spoke to sunnmorning about the explosion yesterday.

– I talked to him about the kick in the knee and it was only a slight push. So it goes well. “If I know Karsten properly, the adrenaline will take over anyway,” says Ewell.

Vukicevic believed that a small mistake in the semi-finals would help Warholm reach the final.

– I noticed it myself. And it’s okay to undo a mistake. I think that has an exacerbating effect on him. Then he saves the flawless race for the final.


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