Caroline Netter: – He’s going to hell

Caroline Netter: – He’s going to hell

Caroline Netter (25) first established herself as a public figure when she appeared on the scandalous reality show “Ex on the Beach – Afterski” in 2021. The 25-year-old quickly found the ring with fellow co-star Christian Brynhofd (24).

– It’s never happened like this before

But at the beginning of the year, the relationship between the reality duo ended, and Netter has since been celibate. The 25-year-old has been vocal several times about the fact that she has a girlfriend, but when Dagbladet met her in connection with a launch earlier this month, there didn’t seem to be any new relationship going on.

Let love go to hell. My love life is non-existent. I’m not dating, and I also feel like no one is dating at the moment. Nonsense.

dating smell: Caroline Netter enjoys the single life, but it also brings some bumps on the dating front. Reporter: Jenny Emily S. Video: Thea Hope/The Red Runner
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The summer months are high season for many people when it comes to dating, but Netter candidly says that life isn’t going very smoothly right now.

– I’m fine plus. It’s a “work in progress,” but it’s up, not down. It was a bit like “when it rains it does” this summer, so I was a little underwhelmed – but I feel that’s okay too.

He refused on the plane: - He was going to put me in jail

He refused on the plane: – He was going to put me in jail

Life isn’t at its best right now, and I’m not too happy to show it, admits the influencer.

However, she is now ready to tackle fall, and says vaguely that many projects are being worked on behind the scenes.

bachelor: Christian Brynhofvd stops by to chat a bit about how life goes during the day, as he reveals that he feels lonely a lot, and that his relationship with Caroline Netter is over for serious. Video: Klaus Fugelero / The Red Runner. Reporter: Jenny Emily S.
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Before parting with Brennhovd, she was also active on the candid website OnlyFans, where they had a mutual user. Users on the site sign up for different accounts that can share and monetize their content.

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About the nudes: - Scared

About the nudes: – Scared

– Now I haven’t been on OnlyFans since I’m single, but I’m thinking of starting over again for a bit – on my own terms. And I think that would be fun. I still think OnlyFans is fun, so I can keep doing that for a few more years. we will see.

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