Carolla's secret was revealed hours before the MGP final

Carolla's secret was revealed hours before the MGP final

It was during a live interview with NRK Ukeslutt where Gåte member Magnus Børmark said what he wasn't supposed to say. When asked if there were a lot of exciting things that happened in the MGP scenes, he replied as follows: – I just greeted Carola in the lobby here. No, I didn't, he shouts. They were twin sisters, he writes the channel.

– It was fun for Gat to reveal Carola's little secret. In fact, we made an attempt to hide it from everyone, but obviously we didn't quite succeed. We put Carola in a different hotel from the other artists to avoid meeting them, says project director Mads Torklip.

Pictures on Instagram

Turklip tells the same thing to The daily newspaper. The newspaper notes that the Swedish artist posted several photos on her Instagram story while she was in Trondheim.

– We have to admit that there is now a lot of evidence pointing towards the MGP final, says Mads Torklip, MGP project manager.

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However, he does not want to say what kind of role the Swedish artist played during the Norwegian final.

– Without revealing in detail what Carola will do, I can reveal that she may appear on screen tonight. And I can tell it will be a moment worth capturing.

I participated previously

Häggkvist broke through in 1983 with the song Främling, which marked Sweden's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest and reached third place.

In 1991 she won a singing competition with the song “Fångad av enstormvind”. She also represented Sweden in the international final in 2006.

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