Case – Judge Absent

Case – Judge Absent

Dagbladet has confirmed that there will be another court hearing next Tuesday. It is not clear why the court administrator did not show up for court proceedings on Thursday.

The parties — Arban Qadeer Bhatti and Pakistan’s lawyers at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) — both received signals for a final decision at the tribunal after court hearings.

– We don’t know the reason why the judge didn’t meet, says lawyer Jan Christian Elton, one of Patty’s Norwegian guardians.

I don’t want to go to Norway

Whatever the tribunal reaches, the extradition case is expected to be further appealed in the ordinary legal system in Pakistan.

Patty’s Norwegian lawyers, Farid Bouras and John Christian Elton, confirmed to Dagbladet that the terror-accused Norwegian had received an offer from federal police in Pakistan to be released from custody immediately.

But then Urban Kadir Bhatti had to commit to voluntarily returning to Norway.

Does not want to go to Norway: – Advocate Farid Bouras confirms that our client does not want to be extradited to Norway. Photo: Henning Lillegaard / Dogbladet
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Patty is said to have flatly refused to voluntarily travel to Norway.

Norway fears the legal system

In Norway, Patty was charged with complicity in an attack in Oslo last summer that killed two people. Patti was physically in Pakistan at that time.

– Our client (Arban Kadir Bhatti, editor’s note) believes that he is not being treated fairly by the legal system in Norway. That’s why he doesn’t want to come back to Norway, says lawyer Farid Bouras.

– Do you, her Norwegian lawyers, think that Patty will not get fair treatment?

– We have no comment on that. “We can only put on record that our client has no faith in the Norwegian legal system,” says Bouras, a lawyer at Elden Law Firm.

Norwegian Press

Bouras confirms to Dagbladet that he knows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway is pushing for Patty’s deportation to Norway.

– Our sources in Pakistan say that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry is working hard to speed up the extradition. Among lawyers in Pakistan, this is seen as a lack of respect and trust in the Pakistani legal system, Bouras says.

It was the police in Oslo who issued a serious and detailed charge against Urban Kadir Bhatti. Two people were shot dead and at least 21 injured when Janier Matapour opened fire at CJ Hambro’s in Oslo.

Bhatti has been charged with complicity in serious acts of terrorism – under Section 132 of the Penal Code. Punishment is 30 years.

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