Bilverkstede demanded NOK 478,515 for parking: – all night!

Bilverkstede demanded NOK 478,515 for parking: – all night!

A car was left in the workshop for more than five years due to a financial dispute. Parking requirements have risen to half a million kroner – but now the court has had its say.


The case began when the man from Inlandt wanted to repaint a car that he was very happy to import from the USA:

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC.

– I love Mercedes, especially old Mercedes. 560s, it’s one of the best things Mercedes has ever made. This is the last car on the market, and they stopped producing it in 1991, the man tells VG.

In the fall of 2017, it was agreed to have the car repainted at Sørum Bil & Lakk for NOK 50,000, including VAT.

The man was not satisfied with the work and complained, and then things started to get worse between the two parties. The issue was first discussed by Engine serial number.

Unregistered: The car was all set to be presented to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for registration when the fight over the paint began.

NOK 478,515 for parking

Sørum Bil & Lakk by General Manager Yasser Al-Dirawi tells VG that all complaints have been corrected, and additional work has been requested. Then he drove back to the workshop.

– When we got the car back, it was not to repair it, but to fit additional things, Al-Dirawi tells VG and points to a letter in which it appears that the workshop wanted 7,000 Norwegian kroner for it.

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The Innlandet man denied that additional work had been ordered, and refused to pay.

The workshop claimed the car could be collected if the bill was paid, according to a recent ruling by the Rumeriki and Glamdal District Court.

So the car was left with Sørum Bil & Lakk, who started charging a parking fee of NOK 437.50 per day.

When the dispute went to court in August this year, the parking requirements had risen to NOK 478,515.

Totally agree

-There was something completely lost in the night. I did not accept it, then he started with a lawyer, telling the citizen about the daily rent that the car workshop asked for.

After several attempts to recover the car, he felt compelled to file a lawsuit.

– I have already rented that space to another company for NOK 10,000 per month plus VAT. “I had papers on it and I had to find a place for it,” Al Derawi Painting Director tells VG.

In the judgment of the district court, the car owner is fully upheld. Sørum Bil & Lakk supposedly received the car from him without agreement – and without considering that additional work had been ordered.

“Then, the court concluded that Sørum Bil & Lakk did not have the right to retain Wilberg’s car on 2 January 2018,” the ruling said. The workshop must pay NOK 111,801 in legal costs to the man from Inlandt, according to the ruling.

Retired car

According to the ruling, Sørum Bil & Lakk is now obliged to return the car to the resident.

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– He says: – I imported the car so I could have it as a retiree, but I haven’t even been able to use it yet.

He is now frightened by the condition the Mercedes is in, after not driving it for nearly six years.

– Brakes, injection mechanisms and gaskets that stand and dry. He says there could be leaks and dirt, and says the car was ready to be registered when the paint process began.

Must be delivered again

Al-Derawi is not sure whether he will appeal the case. The deadline ends this week.

– I don’t know what to say, but I have papers about everything. He says the judge trusted him more than me.

-Do you want to return the car?

– Yes, I will apply the law and hand over the car tomorrow or the day after, Al-Derawi answers on Sunday evening.


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