Celebrity, Aurora Goode | Aurora Goode has fans scratching their heads: – A lot of people are wondering what happened

Celebrity, Aurora Goode |  Aurora Goode has fans scratching their heads: – A lot of people are wondering what happened

(Nettavisen) This fall, the nineteenth season of the TV 2 program “The Bloggers” was shown on television, and there viewers got to know better the new addition to the gang, Aurora Gude (31 years old).

The influencer has shared a lot of her life on social media, but in the reality series viewers gained a closer look into her love life.

It’s something you don’t normally talk about out loud, but a spontaneous decision sparked Judd’s flame to join the Bloggers. She made no secret during the season that she wasn’t sure if it was the two of them or not.

Now, several months after the season finale, there are still a lot of people who are still curious about how things will go with Judd and his flirtation with the “bloggers.”

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He is stopped in the street

– I don’t know how many times I’ve had to answer the question of whether we’re still in touch, says Aurora Judd to Netafisen.

In recent months, questions about her and flirtatious Alexander have been particularly frequent in Judd’s inbox. When Netavesin also asks what stands between the two today, she gives a somewhat ambiguous answer:

– I’m single, but it’s complicated, she says slyly.

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Although the matter is complicated, she is still in contact with Alexander, but the 31-year-old does not want to go into further details about their relationship.

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– no comment

Since her ‘Bloggers’ profile has thrown a little lid on her love life, it has led to great curiosity among her followers. She says there’s been a lot of backlash this season.

– I receive many messages from people asking me if we are together and if we have met, but then I just answer, “No comment,” and she laughs.

However, it’s not just Jude who has experienced tension over the big question of love. She says Alexander was also asked questions, and was even stopped in the street:

– He testified that someone came to him in the street and asked us whether we were together or not, she says.

Although they both feel a lot of curiosity from fans, Judd doesn’t necessarily intend to reveal more at first.

– People are very curious, she says and adds:

– The wisest is he who knows that he does not know.

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He was surprised by the focus

On this season of “The Bloggers,” Jude’s love life has become a big part of the series, and the 31-year-old makes no secret that she’s left with divided opinions after showing vulnerability in life.

-I have to say that after watching the entire season, I feel a little exposed and naked. But at the same time, it’s important for me to be open and honest as well, she says.

Before recording TV series 2, Judd was in doubt about whether or not she should feature Alexander in the series. When Nettavisen caught up with her before the premiere of this year’s season, she said, among other things, that she thought it was cruel to have to share something so personal with “all” Norway.

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Find out why Aurora Gude continues to show off her love life In the clip below:

However, ‘Bloggers’ viewers were able to share in the good and bad moments in Judd’s love life. But she didn’t know how big a place she would get in the series:

– I didn’t know the focus would be there, and I was a little surprised by it. There were a lot of other things we shot.

Judd learned a lot from her first season of “Bloggers,” and one lesson she took with her was protecting her love life from the cameras:

– I think in the future I’ll be more careful about sharing exactly that, because you become so vulnerable. And things like that haunt you, but at the same time I like it to be open and honest. So my values ​​align with that.

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