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Election Registration: Renate Rensev, here on the red carpet at the National Board of Review Awards in Manhattan last Tuesday.

Rinat Renzvi (34 years old) introduces herself as Jolie “The Worst Man in the World”. In an interview with The Guardian, she opens up about her own experiences with relationships.


– When you make a decision, it’s a bad choice most of the time – and it’s very real, says Rinat Renzvi about the role of world-famous Jolie in an interview British newspaper.

– I feel like I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my life. I really relate to this way of being. I broke up with people who would have been too good for me, or got into relationships that were too bad for me. And you don’t know the consequences of your choices until you live that choice. So it’s impossible to make a good choice, right?

In the interview, award-winning Rainsvi talked about the film, her life and surprising celebrity status.

people get lost

The case says that it stopped constantly on the streets of Oslo.

– When I go out, there is always someone who comes to me. People bring their own lives and their own perspectives on film, and that’s what you want when you make a movie: to share it and get the experience with someone. We asked questions when we made this movie, and I feel like we didn’t give any answers. It’s like a great conversation with a lot of people.

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Renate Rinzvi: – Glad I’m not 19 when this happens

Actress Rinat Rinzvi’s life has been turned upside down after the success of “The Worst Man in the World”.

Prior to The World’s Worst Man, Reinsve appeared in television series such as “Almost grown up“And the”white boys».

Now his career is on a completely different level.

Next Sunday, I stepped on the red carpet to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where “the worst man in the world” You can get an Oscar Both for Best Foreign Film and Best Original Screenplay.

Renzvi herself won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last summer for Best Actress. She was also nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the British Academy Film Awards – better known as the BAFTA.

The 34-year-old is trying to plan his next moves.

With enormous interest, there were several offers of new film roles. And now the actor is feeling the pressure.

There is much more pressure in the United States about the choices you make, what projects and signals you send. Rainsf says there will be a lot to say about the projects I will choose next NTB.

MeToo: – Just get me out of the whole action

In “The World’s Worst Man” there is a sequence where Aksel’s character (Julie’s ex-girlfriend, played by Anders Danielsen Lie) is publicly stalked for sexism in the comic book characters he made several years ago.

To The Guardian, Reinsve compares this to the MeToo movement.

– I remember when MeToo came to Norway, and this happened. I just pulled out of the whole movement, because I felt like the women were too aggressive. I really felt like this was the wrong way to do it, because we need men too. Of course, they really feel bad and weak because these opinions were forced upon them [av samfunnet]. They are not just bad people born this way. Therefore, it is very complicated. Solve it together and talk about it is the most important thing.

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