Chelsea is expected to be unable to complete the season or go bankrupt – VG

The problems: Managers Thomas Tuchel (left) and Emma Hayes (right) have had sporting success with Chelsea teams, but the future is uncertain due to all the restrictions affecting the club and its owner Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea’s men’s and women’s teams will be allowed to play matches in the future, but with new penalties targeting owner Roman Abramovich it will not be easy to complete the season.


Several English newspapers suggest the club could have problems completing all matches or, in the worst case, go bankrupt now that cash flow has dried up.

See a full overview of how Chelsea is affected at the bottom of the article.

the sun. He wrote that Chelsea could “completely collapse” if Roman Abramovich was not allowed to sell the club within 81 days. The authorities will not stand in the way of the sale, but only if Abramovich does not earn a penny from a possible sale.

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The club is not allowed to sell or buy players and contracts may not be renegotiated. At the same time, sponsors are freezing their agreements.

On Wednesday, Chelsea will play the second leg of the Champions League away from home against Lille. Since the British authorities have set a cap on how much a club can spend on travel to and from matches, a trip to France will not be comfortable at all.

When you are allowed a maximum of 20,000 pounds – 235,000 NOK – there can be a quick bus transfer at Thomas Tuchel & co.

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Sunday’s home game in the Premier League against Newcastle will be the last in a packed stadium. After the weekend, only season ticket holders will be allowed entry to Stamford Bridge. Ticket sales have stopped and guest fans are not allowed entry to either.

In English newspapers, it is suggested that the club lose revenue of just NOK 7.1 million for every home match in which tickets are not sold.

Yesterday the club closed its own shop in the stadium. As a result of the restrictions, the club does not have the opportunity to sell allowances and support equipment.

Chelsea’s main suit sponsors have canceled their contracts. More importantly, with mobile operator Three, it is worth nearly NOK 500 million a year. It’s unclear if other sponsors, such as Nike, will pull out.

Emma Hayes admits we have a million questions. National team player director Guru Retten and Marin Mjeldi say the club should have time to assess the importance of sanctions with the authorities.

“There has to be a mutual process between the club and the authorities so that we can find a way to run the club – and it is in place,” Hayes said after the Chelsea women handed over the merchandise in a 4-1 win over West Ham in the Women’s Premier League. He goes. The men are also in the lead after the 3-1 win over Norwich yesterday.

This is how Chelsea affected after the penalties imposed on owner Roman Abramovich:

  • From now on, only season ticket holders and people who already have tickets will be allowed to enter matches.
  • Far fans will not be able to enter Stamford Bridge unless they have already purchased a ticket.
  • It remains unclear whether Chelsea fans will be able to attend matches away from home or not.
  • Chelsea will not be allowed to sign new players or give existing players new contracts. The club is also not allowed to sell items such as suits, scarves and other club products.
  • Chelsea could still be sold if the club applied for a special license and Roman Abramovich did not benefit from any of the proceeds.
  • Chelsea will continue to pay salaries, allowances and pensions to all staff, including players, and continue to make payments necessary for the ongoing regular maintenance of the club, such as the maintenance of the stadium. The club’s salary bill is close to 28 million pounds (328 million kroner) per month.
  • The club will also continue to be allowed to receive broadcast-related payments.
  • Chelsea will be allowed to pay the costs associated with travel to and from matches, up to a maximum of 20,000 pounds (235,000 kroner) per match.
  • The costs associated with hosting home matches, such as the manager, emergency services and catering will be limited to £500,000 (£5.8m) per match.
    Source: AP / news
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