Windows 11 – That’s What Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Windows 11 - That's What Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Windows has been a constantly evolving operating system with new features and capabilities. The Windows Insider Test Program has also brought Microsoft and users together, and users have shared a set of suggestions on how to improve Windows.

One thing users have been doing for years, Microsoft hasn’t introduced yet. Which are Windows File Explorer tabs – File Explorer has been a part of the operating system since Windows 95.

It seemed to become a reality in 2017, when Microsoft began testing groups — a tab-based interface in Windows for all apps — but the project was later scrapped.

But this fall, it looks like Windows users will finally get their wish. At least those who are running Windows 11.

Tab windows In File Explorer

The latest Windows 11 beta, which became available last night, has “hidden” support for tabs in File Explorer. In other words, Microsoft has started testing this themselves, and it may only be a matter of time before the company confirms that this will be part of the next major update to Windows 11 expected this fall.

At the moment you have to cheat and mix a bit to activate the tabs in this Windows 11 beta. This is also why the function is referred to as hidden news, but we activated it by downloading a file from GitHub and typing some commands at the command prompt.

This is what black mode looks like.  Photo: screenshot

This is what black mode looks like. Photo: screenshot
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You can test it for yourself

If you have installed the latest beta version of Windows 11, 22572, you can enable tabs in File Explorer by To follow this guide.

So far, tabs work as they do in a browser, for example. You hit the plus sign to open a new tab and you can switch between it using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + 1/2 and Ctrl + (Shift +) Tab.

One option we’re missing is the ability to drag and drop files between different tabs. At the moment, you can’t select a file, drag it to the tab folder you want to put it in, and then move it. Another thing is that you can’t drag a tab into your window like you can in a browser, but hopefully that’s something before the functionality is released to everyone.

This is just one of the news expected in the major update for Windows 11 that is likely to be released during the fall. Microsoft is also improving Bluetooth support during high-speed access, an updated task manager, and better app grouping, while dragging and dropping into the taskbar returns it.

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