Is this your dream in iPadOS? – Etavision

Is this your dream in iPadOS?  – Etavision

The highly skilled designer Parker Ortolani created the iPadOS 16 concept that seems to come straight from the designers in Cupertino.

Everyone wants to take advantage of the software from the hardware

Now that another WWDC conference on June 6 approaches, everyone is hoping, once again, that Apple will harness more of all the power in the M1 chips in the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Samsung has opted for a separate, more advanced interface on its Tab S8 tablets in the form of DeX, but we feel it’s unlikely that Apple will do the same — instead, potentially improving the richness of functionality in iPadOS, but on many ways to keep the essentials.

That’s what Ortolani thinks, too.

Many useful macOS features for iPadOS

One of the first things he envisions is a more powerful desktop where there are not only apps, but files you choose to put there for quick access.

Now that we’ve seen it, it also makes sense to include the macOS “Stacks” functionality in the app row at the bottom so that the list of files is retrieved by pressing one icon. It would also make sense for this to be synced to the same “Stack” on the client’s Mac.

Wherever there is space, one should get more opportunities

The next big thing is to connect the iPad to an external display and this way you can have a chance to do real multitasking as the application windows can be moved as you wish.

For multitasking on the board, it envisions the ability to run four apps simultaneously (iPad Pro Max 15″?), and the ability to organize apps with different window sizes.

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Another thing it borrows from macOS is Mission Control and Spotlight is baked in the same place.

Also check file iOS 16 . Concept.

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