Chicken reached a billion streams after returning: – Completely random

Chicken reached a billion streams after returning: – Completely random
Chicken reached a billion streams after returning: – Completely random
Mikkel Christiansen and Simen Auke started their music career in 2011.

Ten years later, DJ duo Mikkel Christiansen and Simen Auke have made their “worst comeback” with their music – and they’ve now logged a billion streams.


She started with songs like “Møndarn” and “Hokksund” in 2011.

Then Mikkel Christiansen and Simen Aoki hit it big in 2013 with “Afterski”, “Waterski” and “Bonski”.

Since then, DJ Broiler has become Broiler, and they have regularly released hits, such as “Money” in 2016.

Last year he hit again with “OMG”. All to the duo’s great surprise.

– It was the worst comeback, says Auke.

– Did you go back or was it a bit random?

– It was completely accidental. The first one worked so well last year, “OMG,” we couldn’t believe it. We flagged it as a soft release, Christiansen says, or one you don’t promote.

Don’t forget: even though Broiler has been around for over ten years, they still play tunes from the DJ Broiler era. Here from Stavern Festival 2023.

Over a billion streams

The song currently has over 18.7 million plays on Spotify. For the guys, this was one of the biggest upsets throughout their careers.

– When it hit, it gave us an extra glow to carry on the music properly. Then we stomped on the gas for the rest of the year, says Christiansen.

In the past year, they’ve dominated the charts with songs like “1,” “Idiot,” “BAP,” and “attte shots.”

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At the time of writing, they have nearly three million monthly listeners on Spotify. According to a press release from Universal in June, they had a total of over 400 million streams – at the end of July, Broiler Sky Agency management reported that they had reached 1 billion streams.

– I think it’s a bit nice to have waves in your career where you go up and down so you don’t get completely flat – but give a little gas in between periods. It’s great to be back on the rolls now, Christiansen says.

– Last year was very good. Everything we do and plan, we do just because we think it’s fun. It’s a hobby, says Auke, but it has become our job, and adds:

– We have great songs and people love them, and then we feel very happy.

PYROSHOW: Broiler wrapped up the first evening of Stavern Festival 2023, to huge cheers from the tens of thousands of people who came together. In advance, they promised a wonderful pyro show.

He bought a house with his roommate

Christiansen, or better known as “Stökern” on TikTok – recently amassed nearly 110,000 followers on the platform. He also thinks it’s fun promoting music there.

– It turned out to be working fine, he says.

– Maybe it’s more personal, “Simin”?

– Yes maybe. I don’t think it is So Fun with social media. Then there will be a little bit of publication, and then people will know a little bit. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, says Auke.

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He says he’s had a partner for several years, and they recently bought a separate house in Hokksund.

Last year, Christiansen confirmed that he also got a new girlfriend.

– It’s going well, it’s summer and comfortable with the lady, he says.

It will continue for another ten years

However, the vacation will have to wait until the fall. It’s a busy summer festival for Christiansen and Oak. VG met them at the Stavern Festival – where they had to finish the show on the first evening.

– What’s fun, what makes us still think it’s fun, is that we always feel like we’re hitting the coolest party, says Christiansen, and adds:

– We often stand at the end of a concert, and then we hug each other and “Damn, that was the coolest thing we ever did.” It’s great that it continues like this, and I think we will too tonight.

The plan going forward is to keep releasing new music.

We sang so well this winter that the only thing we want is fat, and I feel that repeats itself in most of what we do. And if we can be DJing on a stage like this for another ten years, we’ll be happy to do that too, he says.

do you remember? Broilers broke through in 2013, among others, “Waterski”. Watch them perform the song on the VG List that same year:


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