Christian Mikkelsen, new again

Christian Mikkelsen, new again

Following the success of NRK's ​​show “Nytt på Nytt” which recently took a summer break, comedian Christian Mikkelsen (33 years old) has taken over the role of host of the new show “Nytt på Nytt Quiz”.

When Nettavisen met Mikkelsen during NRK's ​​summer launch earlier this week, he made no secret that it was fun to lead a new twist on the popular show.

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– It is really fun to work from week to week with the “New Again” gang outside the standing committee, Mikkelsen tells Nettavisen and continues:

– It is fun for a lot of people to watch and enjoy it. I hope we can stay all summer, but it would be nice to have a little vacation too.

He was nervous

“Nytt på nytt” has been shown on NRK since 1999 and has been an audience favorite ever since. Therefore, there is no hiding the fact that Mikkelsen felt nervous and intimidated by the new concept.

– I felt nervous. I also grew up with “new again” like many others. After that, I didn't expect us to come in and do something much worse than “new again,” as Mikkelsen says.

Furthermore, Mikkelsen says the hope was that people would wonder why “Nytt på Nytt” ended so early, but would get a positive surprise by getting a replacement.

– And I feel like we're achieving that.

It received harsh criticism

He says: – I received comments from many people in my backyard who shouted from balconies and terraces, and most of them were very satisfied.

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However, he does not hide that there has been some criticism as well.

“But I also get some harsh comments, and I take that seriously,” he says, laughing.

However, this is not the first time Mikkelsen has hosted a “talk show” or “game show.” In the past, he has led a number of programs with his partner Martin Bayer Olsen (44), but only now is Mikkelsen standing on his feet.

-It was fun to be on my feet, and fun to be a presenter. I had a partner before, or maybe I was on a committee, he says and continues:

– So I was a little excited about how it was going to be. You feel a little lonely and not free. At the same time, I felt like I was able to take some liberties and mess around a little.

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