Christina Perry: – Sharing good news after the tragedy

Christina Perry: - Sharing good news after the tragedy

Perhaps there are a few people who have experienced family tragedies in the same way as a singing star Christina Perry (36) and her husband Paul Constable (35) his.

Almost two years ago The tragic message came That the couple lost their second daughter, Rosie, to a stillbirth, after the couple had a miscarriage earlier that year.

Berry has Talk frankly about family tragedies Which affected them, but on Sunday evening, the couple was finally able to share the happy news of the birth of their daughter, Pixie Rose Costabile.

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The couple already has a daughter, Carmella (4).

The singer announced herself on Instagram, with a photo of her breastfeeding her young daughter.

“She’s here! With so much hope, confidence, and stardust, our second daughter has come safely into the world. Hey, magical rainbow baby.” The artist wrote under the photo.

The couple announced in May 2022 that they were expecting a little girlThe “Jar Al-Quloub” singer revealed the news of adding the family with a beautiful video of Carmella opening a box with a pink balloon.

“Rosie sent Carmella a little sister and we are so excited. We’ve been feeling all the emotions, but we mostly try to choose joy every day,” Perry wrote in the caption at the time.

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