Christine Baumgartner’s attorney responds to Kevin Costner

Christine Baumgartner’s attorney responds to Kevin Costner
Break: Kevin Costner (68) and his wife, fashion and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner (49).

The lawyer believes Costner has no legal basis to evict her and her children from the couple’s home. The actor denies that the transfer clause has anything to do with the children.


In early May, it became known that the Hollywood star’s wife had filed divorce papers after the two had been together for 18 years.

Earlier this week mentioned TMZ Legal documents in the case.

There it turned out that Costner claims that a prenuptial agreement was made that the wife must leave the house and take her property with her within 30 days, if she files for divorce.

I did it on May 1st. But she reportedly didn’t move, and thus Costner requested a court order to have her removed.

Allegations of children being expelled as well

In new legal documents, discuss it from the insideBaumgartner’s attorney, John Riedel, now opposed.

From there, he was quoted as saying that Costner is “trying to kick Kristen and their three kids out of the house the kids have been in their whole lives.”

– Although the legal basis for Kevin’s claim to evict his wife and children from their home is nothing but non-existent, this is a very important point for Christine, and the lawyer is said to have stated this.

The couple has two sons, ages 14 and 15, and a daughter, age 12. Costner has four children from previous relationships.

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According to court documents reported by TMZ, Costner is willing to pay Baumgartner NOK 317,000 per month to rent a venue and contribute approx. 100,000 for moving expenses.

Kevin Costner and his cohorts hastened to respond to his ex-wife. daily Mailwho claims to have seen Costner’s response, writes that he maintains that he does not “kick” children out of the house.

Christine and I will share custody of the children and they will still live in their house, in their bedroom with their clothes, books and things when they are with me, or when they want to be there. He writes that our children are in their teens and will be able to come and go between my house and Kristen’s once she finds a place to live.

– Therefore, the children have nothing to do with my request, Costner writes.

– The only thing I ask is that Christine leave my property and find somewhere else to live, which she agreed to – a process she should have started in April when I filed for divorce.

He also gives a kind of “deadline” for when you should be out, and writes that it’s not healthy for either of them to share a house.

– I finish recording a TV series on June 24th and will be back home either on June 25th or the day after I start the editing process.


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