The first taste of the new “Avatar” – VG

The first taste of the new "Avatar" - VG

Finally, fans get to see continued box office success since 2009.


The world premiere of Avatar 2, titled Avatar: The Way Of Water, will premiere on December 16. But now the movie company 20th Century Studios has released the trailer. See it at the top of the article.

The audience had to wait a long time. It’s not just that to make the film. Like most other products, Project Too late Because of the corona pandemic.

New stars in

“Avatar: The Way Of Water” is the first of three sequel to the 3D adventure. In 2013, director James Cameron (67) announced that It wasn’t just one movie I am immersed. New grades are also announcing their arrival.

The stage is set for a meeting with Zoe Saldana (43) as Nettery and Sam Worthington (45) as Jake Sully. Sigourney Weaver (72) appears in a new role. Newcomers to the world of cinema are also Kate Winslet (46), Michelle Yeoh (59) and Oona Chaplin (35).

The movie was shot in New Zealand.

Film: Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana) in the 2009 film.

First movie “Avatar” Take the world by storm When it was released in 2009, special effects were considered a breakthrough in film technology.

Until 2019, “Avatar” was the highest-grossing movie in American film history. But in 2019, it was overtaken by “Avengers: Endgame” which collected more than 27.03 billion kroner, according to today’s exchange rate.

Regardless – “Avatar” broke the record again in 2021, when it was relaunched in China. according to CNBC It took a tough first place with 27.08 billion kroner.

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employment Twitter People are now having fun with their opinions on the new trailer.

Looking back at the first ‘Avatar’ movie:

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