The house is cheaper than the drawings – VG

The house is cheaper than the drawings – VG
Exactly Similar: Artist Hergé has recreated the house exactly as it looked, and as it appears from the outside.

Do you want a new place to live or want a painting to hang on the wall?


Fans of the Tintin cartoon will likely recognize the house right away. It first appeared in 1948 and is the home of Professor Bergamot in the famous Belgian cartoon. The house can be seen in both “De syv krystalkuler” and “Soltempelet”, which have also been published in Norwegian in several editions.

The sketch is based on a real house located in Watermael-Vosvoorde, south of Brussels. Hergé himself lived nearby, the Dutch newspaper wrote

The house was built in 1905 and designed by architect Alban Chambon, who is also behind the beautiful Hotel Metropole in Brussels.

This home is now for sale, at €1,480,000 net worth, over NOK 17.4 million.

But if you were to buy Hergé’s original drawing of the house, you’d probably have to pay more.

An original Tintin cover art sold in America earlier this year for €2.16m. It was even black and white.

The graphic has been changed from “The Blue Lotus” in color 3.2 million euros in 2021.

In 2019, a black-and-white painting of “Tintin in the Soviet Union” sold for around NOK 10 million, but prices have gone up since then.

Tintin is one of Belgium’s most beloved icons. Also filmed in Hollywood, “Adventures with Tintin” from 2011, where Erik Solbakken had the honor of being given the voice of Norwegian.

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