Christopher Olsen about his upbringing: – He lived below the poverty line

Christopher Olsen about his upbringing: – He lived below the poverty line

The new show “Cooking School with Truls and Hellstrøm” premiered on Tuesday on TV 2, where twelve celebrities come together to compete for the title of “star student of the cooking school”.

Shocker: - Never seen before

Shocker: – Never seen before

Among the participants is singer and actor Christopher Olsen (38 years old), who won the first elimination competition during the episode. Here the participants had to create an “emotional dish”.

The 38-year-old himself chose to prepare pasta with beans in tomato sauce. A dish that links him to his childhood in Porsgrunn.

TV 2 This issue was also mentioned.

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– I grew up in the nineties with my mother, it was just me and my mother. We didn’t live in very good conditions. We lived below the poverty line. He says in the episode and adds:

– We couldn’t afford much else. We were able to buy spaghetti, so there were many packages of spaghetti in the cupboard. I think I would venture to say that 5-6 days a week is what we eat.

-It's strange to be away

-It’s strange to be away

On some days, the spaghetti was also topped with canned beans in tomato sauce, which was thought to be “cool” at the time.

– Those are the three elements I grew up with my whole life. It’s a combination I’ve never been able to put down, even if it’s the most boring combination in the world, basically, as he says further in the episode.

touched: Eyvind is clearly touched when he is offered a romantic evening during “Truls á la Hellstrøm” on Thursday. Video: TV 2
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When asked by Dagbladet what his mother thought about serving this dish on TV, Olsen responded with the following:

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– I think my mother is embarrassed that I even mention it on TV, and she feels embarrassed when I tell Norwegian people that the only thing I ate throughout my childhood was pasta, and I overcooked it that way. But I think she can live with that, he says during the show’s press conference, adding:

- Completely new chemistry

– Completely new chemistry

-I think she’s proud that I elevated her boring spaghetti dish into something completely different, and she’s proud that one of the most famous chefs in the world gave this dish, inspired by her, a star.

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