Claims that the iPhone SE is a sales failure

Claims that the iPhone SE is a sales failure

Nikkei Asia sources believe that the iPhone SE with 5G is selling so poorly that Apple is cutting production.

Meanwhile, Apple is rumored to be canceling a new iPhone mini

There are about 20 percent fewer models to be produced next quarter due to lower sales than expected.

The new iPhone SE has an A15 chip and therefore good performance and a screen that will be big enough for many, but the design is terribly outdated and that could be the main reason why Apple doesn’t want one.

Inflation doesn’t help either, because potential customers have less money available.

You no longer believe in up to 30 million sold this year

Reports indicate that Apple will reduce production by between two and three million copies. At the same time, Ming-Chi Kuo lowered its estimate from 25-30 million in 2022 to 15-20 million this year.

iPhone SE is available in stock in all colors and sizes at the Norwegian Apple Store online. There is usually a waiting time for at least one or more configurations.

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