Clear requirements for app leadership before a crisis meeting: – Our message is very clear

Clear requirements for app leadership before a crisis meeting: – Our message is very clear

Both the salmon tax, trade policy and benefits will be under pressure when the Labor leadership meets the party body for a crisis meeting this weekend. The AUF chief disagreed with the vice presidents’ rhetoric.

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The Labor Party will gather in Gardermoen on Saturday and Sunday to assess the worst election in its 99 years – and point ahead.

There, pressure will be put on the party leadership on both taxes, trade policy and concessions.

AUF leader Astrid Holm says – as will LO leader Becky Hessen Folsvik – she will push the party to do more for the poor.

– As we discuss the party’s strategy this weekend, our message is very clear. We must do more for young people who struggle to hope for a brighter future. We must also stand up for those who have less. Earners have to cope with less today than they did in 2010. We want to cut more greenhouse gas emissions in a social democratic way, says Home.

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Management criticized: Christopher Beckham criticized Labour's strategy on stage at LO's cartel conference in Cole on Wednesday.

Christopher Beckham, the federation’s head of trade and commerce, said on Wednesday that voters did not understand AP’s plan.

– Yes, I think it’s a challenge that people don’t know what’s left after the app rules the country. Home says we need to create better storytelling and a clearer political plan that shows them what they get when we govern.

Home wants to bring SV into government and believes Labor must develop a clear plan with three key points: reducing economic inequality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and winning back young voters.

    New Wine: Donjay Brenna and John Christian Vestre became vice presidents this spring.

– Disagree about the rhetoric

– Is there anyone in the party who wants to turn to the right?

– He says that someone will discuss this this weekend, there will certainly be someone who thinks so, but we are clear that we want to be a social democratic party with a heart on the left.

– John Christian Westray, Donje Brenna is clearly at work Founders will be encouraged As sports stars. Are these right turn signals?

– John Christian and Tonje both have a background from the AUF and we have every reason to believe that they are involved in the progressive renewal of social democracy. We completely disagree with the rhetoric here. But we agree that we will be a securely positioned party on the left in Norwegian politics. We agreed at the national meeting to increase the minimum benefits. The most important thing is that the policy is followed, he says.

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Points for energy and trade policy

Hanne-Berit Brekken, district leader in Møre og Romsdal Ap, will address two specific topics when discussing the party evaluation report.

– The current energy policy is not appealing to our voters. There is very little focus on that in the evaluation report on the table. We need to address that to win back voters in our part of the country, says Bracken.

County Chair: Hanne-Berit Brekken is the County Chair in Møre og Romsdal and Mayor of Aare.

He says they feel some voters are moving to parties like the Industrial and Commercial Party, the INP. This applies to both sightings of overseas cables and onshore wind power, he says.

– We should be more open to other possibilities for power generation, he says.

He says the party has also been punished politically by voters in northwestern Norway because of the salmon tax and CO2 compensation.

– Politics and process do not always go hand in hand. Two key issues have plagued the Labor Party, land rent tax on aquaculture and CO2 compensation. Few Ap mayors know that we suffer from these cases. It demands of us, he says.

Grillet Erna: Frod Jacobsen leads the Oslo op and sits on the Control and Constitution Committee at the Storting.

Don’t think everything is “bullshit”.

Frode Jacobsen, chairman of Oslo Ap, says they have not submitted any written input.

He somewhat agrees with former City Council President Raymond Johansen that it’s hard to be completely honest when you’re still in charge.

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– I think it can be an honest and open discussion, but I think there are some limitations associated with it, Jacobson adds:

– This is similar to our own assessment four years ago. It’s weird to be evaluated when you’re still in charge, and that’s no surprise. You have to pay attention. We do a lot of good. It’s not as if winning an election will fix everything and losing an election will ruin everything.

Going to meet the party: Jonas Karstor and Gersti Stenseng are both going to the party's evaluation meeting this weekend.

Point to Melkoya

Vicdis Williastater, leader of the Lincoln Labor Party, claims to have submitted her input to the party. He believes the party’s happy things came too late in the election campaign and Melkoya’s focus on electrification made it difficult to campaign in the north.

She understands Raymond Johansson’s suggestion that she doesn’t believe there will be a completely open and honest debate this weekend.

– I can understand what he is saying. I am a man of bold speech, but I see some fear that speaking too loud will get him out of office, says the Lincoln statesman.

– Do you enjoy it in the Labor Party?

– I know other members have given feedback that they enjoy it, but he says he doesn’t know it’s a problem in his own county team in the Troms Labor Party.

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