Cleo Smith Savnet in Australia:

Cleo Smith Savnet in Australia:

Cleo was last seen at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, sleeping in the family tent.

Australian media reported that she must have woken up around this time to order something to drink. But when her parents woke up at 06:30, she was gone. Since then, no one has seen the little girl.

The family was on an overnight trip in the Blowholes, located in Macleod near Carnarvon in Western Australia. It must have been a four-year-old’s first camping trip.

He will never leave the tent

The family reported the disappearance of the four-year-old. After several days of intense hunting on land, sea and helicopter, there was still no trace of Cleo.

– We stayed close. We did not leave. We’ve been waiting for her to come home . The mother says in an interview reprinted on the Australian Morning Show Sunrise.

She is convinced that the girl was not going to leave alone.

– You didn’t leave me at the store. She says she will not leave that tent alone.

The police worked from two theories – that Cleo left the tent alone, or that someone took her.

– We are not ruling out anything, and one of the scenarios is that a third person has taken Cleo out of the search area. If that happens, Cleo may be somewhere in the state, says Police Inspector John Munday.

open zipper

Police Inspector Munday also explains that one of the zipper holes in the tent was open when the family discovered Cleo was missing, and it opened at a height that Cleo himself was unable to reach.

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Leading criminologist Xanthe Mallett has now pointed out one of the most disturbing details about the mysterious disappearance.

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Mallet posed as a guest on the TV show Sunrise on Wednesday morning, where she said it looks more and more like Cleo has been captured.

This was justified by the fact that the four-year-old girl was not found in the vicinity where she was first reported missing.

Sleeping bag is gone

One of the strangest details, according to Mallet, is that Cleo’s sleeping bag is also gone.

Don’t expect a four-year-old to take his sleeping bag with him, Mallett says.

This comes after the Cleo family first spoke about the mysterious disappearance of the four-year-old.

“I know she’s managed to get through everything she’s going through right now,” says a crying mom in a feature on Sunrise.

A prayer for help

On Sunday, the little girl’s mother posted an appeal on her own Facebook page, with a request for help finding her daughter:

“It’s been more than 24 hours since I last saw the spark in my daughter’s eyes. Please help me find it! Call the police if you ever hear or see anything,” he posted on Facebook.

During the heartbreaking post, I attached two photos of four-year-old Cleo, one of which shows the pajamas she last wore. Pink and purple sleepwear with blue and yellow pattern.

“Last seen at 01:30 in the morning and far away when I woke up at 6 from our communal tent. This is very unusual for Cleo,” the post stated.

The four-year-old is 110 cm tall with hazel blonde hair and brown eyes.

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