Cleo’s kidnapper was a room full of dolls

Cleo's kidnapper was a room full of dolls

From one night to Wednesday this week, an Australian broke into a locked home in the small town of Caernarvon.

Inside a room, they find the four-year-old girl Cleo Smith. Then she was missing for 18 days.

A 36-year-old local man was arrested near the house. Despite the fact that Carnarvon is a city with just over 5,000 inhabitants, and is described as a place where everyone knows everyone – the arrested man was unknown to Cleo’s parents.

weird details

The 36-year-old’s neighbors in the days before the four-year-old was found had reacted to a mysterious diaper purchase.

More and more strange details are now appearing in various Australian media.

Storavicin Sydney Morning Herald He writes, among other things, that the suspected kidnapper had a room full of dolls in his house, and that he was obsessed with them.

When the police entered the 36-year-old’s home, Cleo was sitting in a bedroom playing.

– The lights were on, and she sat down and played some games. I think that’s all I want to say. Police officer Cameron Blaine tells the newspaper that there are some things we’ve seen that will be evidence in court.

Dolls sold to men

Police have not commented on the information that the house was filled with dolls, but several Australian newspapers published pictures of the accused man alongside “Bratz dolls”, among other things.

The Sydney Morning Herald also wrote that in April 2020, the 36-year-old uploaded a video to his Facebook profile with the following text:

“I love taking dolls for a ride, styling their hair and taking selfies in public.”

Investigations: Australian police are conducting investigations into the home where the four-year-old was found. Photo: Reuters

A local store confirmed to the newspaper that they have now sold a number of dolls to the accused.

– We are humble

The day after the arrest, he appeared in court, where he was charged with kidnapping.

GRINDING: Police released a photo of Cleo smiling from her hospital bed after she was found.  Photo: Western Australian Police via AP

GRINDING: Police released a photo of Cleo smiling from her hospital bed after she was found. Photo: Western Australian Police via AP

Police say they believe the 36-year-old was acting alone, and that the kidnapping was automatic.

Shortly after finding Cleo, she met her mother, Elle Smith, and her stepfather, Jake Gliddon.

In a recent statement, they thanked everyone involved in the search for the daughter.

They told the BBC: “We are humbled by all the love and support we have received, not only from the local community but from across Western Australia and the rest of the country.”

The needle in the haystack

Smith would like to especially thank the local police.

Western Australian Police said searching for Cleo was like finding the needle in a haystack.

So they were very relieved when it turned out that the girl they found in the locked house had lost Cleo.

– A police officer picked her up to ask her name. Then she answered: My name is Cleo, one of the policemen already mentioned.

The four-year-old is now safe at home for a few days. At a news conference Thursday, Police Chief Mark McGowan said he had met Cleo and her family, and the four-year-old was doing fine.

“I slept a little and ate a lot and ate a lot,” McGowan said. CNN.

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